OEM question again (sorry)

  wasp15 14:16 23 Feb 2007

My friend is looking to dual boot his mac with Vista and has asked my advice on whether to buy an oem or full version, but it's one area that leaves me scratching my head! So sorry to bring up another oem question but can anyone tell me.....

I know that OEM versions are only for system builders (although they are easy to get hold of - the version not the builder!) and that they can only be installed on new PCs and that it dies with the motherboard. I therefore presume it must be against Microsofts rules to dual boot a Vista oem version on a machine that is already running XP or another Windows operating system, because it is not a new PC that you have just built. But does it follow through that you cannot dual boot a Vista oem version on a system that is already running the mac os?

I personally think he will have to buy the full version but would feel awful if I told him that when he could have saved a lot of money.

  Totally-braindead 14:46 23 Feb 2007

I don't know. The first question I would have to ask is can a Mac run Vista anyway?

  silverous 14:55 23 Feb 2007

My view in his case would be that no he couldn't get the OEM as he isn't in any way building a system. Now if he were to purchase a new processor/hard disk for installation in that machine then my belief is that OEM would be fine.

  wasp15 15:07 23 Feb 2007

Apparently it can be run on a Mac, but I admit I thought the same thing! He already has a Mac and isn't planning to purchase a new processor or hard disk, so I think you are probably right silverous.

  PaulB2005 18:46 23 Feb 2007

OEM has to be for a completely new PC - not just a token upgrade.

  ed-0 19:09 23 Feb 2007

A Mac will run vista with boot camp. You will need the full version of vista though:-(

  ed-0 19:12 23 Feb 2007

Is the mac a core duo or core2duo, if it is boot camp will run.

  wasp15 13:27 26 Feb 2007

Thanks everyone for your thoughts. Am not sure which processor it runs but will tick and pass on your replies (:

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