OEM or Retail what is the difference

  Nessie 20:06 29 Jan 2007

I know that oem is normally unboxed and the retail comes with a manual and a box but is there any difference in the os once installed as there is about £180 difference in price for Vista ultimate. I am a private individual and not a company or PC builder

  jz 20:17 29 Jan 2007

The difference is that you're not supposed to transfer an OEM copy to another PC (ie remove it from one, then install it on another). With the Retail copy, you can do transfer as many times as you wish, so long as you don't have it on two or more PCs at a time.

That said, I've known many people who have transferred their OEM copy to another PC (without realising that they're not really supposed to) but it sailed through Windows Activation. So it would seem that even Microsoft are a bit soft on clamping down on this.

  Nessie 20:34 29 Jan 2007

But what about buying an oem copy new. I understand you should only put the oem on one pc but is it legal

  PaulB2005 21:01 29 Jan 2007

OEM is supposed to be installed on an all new PC with all new hardware. Not just make a token upgrade like RAM or a hard drive.

Most sellers don't comply with this and supply OEM disks with no questions leaving it to the end user to make the legal decision.

  alan2k1 14:00 01 Feb 2007

how can i get the 3d flip to work

aero glass is fine but i cant find how to enable 3d flip

any advice plz



vista home premium

  alan2k1 14:01 01 Feb 2007

thought i was doing a new post

  malikbhai 18:21 01 Feb 2007

OEM cd is shipped with the computer by the computer manufacturer eg Dell ,Hp etc. It comes with operating system and all pre installed software packages that came with the computer. Retail cd is available at Microsoft outlets its a operating system disk. OEM licence is purchased only by computer manufacturer to use them on multiple computer which are later shipped with computers. However retail cd can only be used on single computer.

Once you have installed a retail copy and registered it with microsoft using internet than you cannot use it on a different computer. But retail cd can be used on multiple computers of a same brand without any registartion problems

i hope it answers your query.

  PaulB2005 20:37 01 Feb 2007

That's a a very confussed explanation.

OEM CD is shipped with a PC by the manufacturer. It may be an OEM disc from MS (with additional software on another CD) or it might be the manufacturers version with added software and changes. The OEM license is locked to that PC and dies with the PC.

A Retail copy can be moved from one PC to another but can only be installed on one PC at a time. So you can use it to build a PC and then move it to your new one a few years later if you uninstall it from the old one first.

There are some other differences regarding the levels of support from MS and the number of changes you can make to a PC before the activation fails.

  AllZwell 00:35 02 Feb 2007

If i buy a new motherboard for my pc, and buy "Home premium" upgrade, will it work on this pc? (new Mobo cpu etc)I have Windows XP pro and disk from my Evesham PC, was wondering if the upgrade would be sufficiant - not sure!

Just for example: WHEN would I have to buy "retail" over OEM? - do you already need an operating system?

I added to this thread instead of cluttering up forum with another one! - sorry to OP (original poster:)



  PaulB2005 07:31 02 Feb 2007

The new CPU and Mobo will probably cause the validation on the original XP Pro to fail so then the Upgrade won't work, unless you can get MS to activate it for you.

Flip uses an icon second along from the start button in the quick launch section of the task bar. Personally I have changed motherboards under
x64 OEM and have reactivated many times some won't have it but it a fact also MS have catagorically stated that the T&C of their GUL have not changed for Vista and this also covers OEM editions.

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