Nvidia Forceware for Vista 177.35 problem

  sunny staines 15:23 18 Jun 2008

click here

tried to install the latest nvidia driver and got this error on my vista ultimate 32bit using 9600GS card via install from desktop.

"Setup has detected the O/S in use is not windows vista 32bit this setup program and its associated drivers are designed to run only on windows vista 32 bit. installation terminated".

tried again to install from the web page use run rather than save and got a different error

"set up program could not locate any drivers that are compatible with your current hardware setup"

anyone else got these errors or can help please.

  Pine Man 15:44 18 Jun 2008

I have just updated my nvidia driver and according to the nvidia web site the latest certified driver for 9 series is 175.16.

This is the result of searching for your driver on the nvidia site click here
Appears not suitable?

  sunny staines 15:53 18 Jun 2008

Pine Man


175.16 is my present, looks like majorgeeks put it up as vista driver instead of xp in error.

  Pine Man 16:11 18 Jun 2008

They aren't the only US site to suggest it's suitable. I found at least one other!

  sunny staines 16:18 18 Jun 2008

could not understand why the set up said it was for vista but did not recognise my vista?

  [email protected] 10:21 19 Jun 2008

from experience, if you start swapping/ updating nvidia drivers, without completely removing anything nvidia first you get problems, the most common is the dreaded not responding message. the nvidia drivers have bits to stop vista from interfering, thats why if you dont uninstall cleanly your card will show as a standard vga adaptor in device manager, this in turn leads to 'nvidia driver can find no suitable card' messages on install.
if you use tweeked drivers this is very exagerated indeed and if you dont install/ un install from a clean boot you (me!) will spend a happy few hours picking bits of broken driver from the registry.
i manually add parts of updates to my driver now as this is less work.
the simplest way is to download new driver,remove nvidia driver from safe mode>> reboot>> remove add/ remove (it may still show here)
reboot>> remove nvidia folder from system drive>>run click here-(Setup)_d1655.html for nvidia display or equivelent.
reboot into clean boot click here install new driver and reboot. if all's well and it should be a good time to make a back up is now, if you intend to trim/ tweek the drivers yourself.

  [email protected] 10:28 19 Jun 2008

major geeks will have the us driver you need the international one (assuming you're not in us) click here

  sunny staines 10:36 19 Jun 2008

adman 2

thanks for that imput, i had always unistalled first in xp, but the previous driver update would only install over the top in vista.
i think i will wait for the next version before updating never expected nvida drivers to be awkward in vista.

  [email protected] 11:08 19 Jun 2008

i gave up on them a long time ago, i think microsoft and nvidia should maybe talk more.click here

  Jim_F 11:32 22 Jun 2008

Looks like these drivers are only configured to install on the GTX200 series: click here - so it looks like the driver install was modded !

  sunny staines 13:13 22 Jun 2008


thanks for you link looks like it was not for my 7 series card. duff info on the major geeks download page.

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