Nvidia downloads do not recognize my hardware.

  MattyBBoy 21:50 22 Feb 2007

I have purchased Battlestations Midway only to find it crashes after 10 seconds of play. I have tried to install new drivers from Nvidia (I have an Geoforce GO 7900 GS graphics card) but when the install finishes and the program runs, the message "the driver does not recognize the hardware" appears. Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Or, do I have to wait til March when I have heard that Nvidia will release more drivers that are compatible with Vista? When I install the game, it tells me that it doesn't recognize my GPU while at the same time telling me my system is high end! I am using it on a brand new Toshiba P100 - 286 laptop.

  anskyber 22:42 22 Feb 2007

As far as I understand it the Go series of NVIDIA GCs does not have Vista drivers yet.

  crosstrainer 08:28 23 Feb 2007

There are Beta drivers for the card, but they do not work for everyone.. I tried them and found that they would not run games at all some people have had more success you can download them from click here might be worth a try.

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