Nvidia display driver

  aortic 17:19 06 May 2007

Hi Guys i'am having trouble with my dispaly going off i.e shutting down and error coming on then righting itself...i have the following card

Nvidia gforce6100 nforce 405

What driver update do i need...is it this one thats on the site

ForceWare Release 158
Version: 158.18
Release Date: May 2, 2007
WHQL Driver

Would appreciate help as i dont want to install the wrong one

  [email protected] 20:50 06 May 2007

what happened when you first installed vista? did it recognise your card? i always found the microsoft drivers more stable than the nvidia ones

  [email protected] 20:55 06 May 2007

it seems your using the latest nvidia one
click here
i used a 7 series card (various driver not responding messages) and an 8 series (random crashes) best result i got was uninstalling the nvidia ones and letting windows find a driver, there seems to be a long road ahead for the graphics drivers, nvid ones anyway!

  aortic 22:20 06 May 2007

Hi All,

I think theres a misunderstanding , i bought a new machine

acer aspire t180

i havent updated the drivers for the display yet because i am not sure which one to download , but i am haveing problems with the video display error coming up....i just wanted to check if the one i quoted was the right one for mr to download.

you must forgive me i'am a bit of a novice at this

  [email protected] 07:10 07 May 2007

oh sorry, try this: go to my previous link, click 'english uk' from the right hand menu, click 'primary dowmload' select save and not run, save to desktop or documents and remember name of file.
control panel>> system>> device manager>> video adaptor>> right click>> uninstall>> system will reboot.
after reboot you will have basic vga? graphics and now you install the nvidia driver, 2 options
1) dissable your av fully
2) go into safe mode on reboot (tap f8 key while pc is rebooting)

with either option, locate your downloaded drivers, double right click>> run
this will install drivers prompting another reboot after the reboot you should have an nvidia icon on taskbar by the clock right click and goto nvidia control panel, this allows you to select your settings.
hope this helps

  Pine Man 08:49 07 May 2007

ForceWare Release 158
Version: 158.18
Release Date: May 2, 2007
WHQL Driver

This is the correct driver. I have installed it and it works perfectly. NVidia suggest that you uninstall the old version first.

  aortic 08:58 07 May 2007

Hi Agan,

Forgive me but is this easy to do...i mean unistalling and starting in safe mode then reinstalling...what can go wrong.. i'am only just getting used to using the timer on my video

seriously though can i do any damage i i make a mistake

  [email protected] 09:24 07 May 2007

im quite new to computing and learned pretty much by trial and error, if you follow the instructions i posted you should be fine, windows looks after itself and will give you pointers if you're about to upset anything major, you should be fine.
good luck

  Pine Man 09:59 07 May 2007

There are installation instructions along with the driver on the NVidia site.

There is no mention of carrying out the operation in safe mode and I certainly didn't.

All I did was uninstall the old driver reboot and disable AV then install the new drivers.

  aortic 10:11 07 May 2007

Hi Again,

Forgive my ignorance but how do i disable av ?

  [email protected] 10:16 07 May 2007

it just stops norton and kasperspy blocking registry changes on my set ups, hell of a lot simpler that trying to fight there over protective suspicious behavior guards, as they dont start in safe mode. one thing i have noticed with nvidia drivers, they dont let you know if they have been installed incorrectly'
the nvidia site advises you to dissable security programs most real time protect programs rarely allow you to disable them fully so my advice is safe mode.

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