NOW! Vista programme on TV - BBC2 7:00PM (9/02/07)

  GaT7 19:04 09 Feb 2007

BBC2 7:00 PM today (9 Feb 2007)

"Coming to Your Screen: Microsoft's New Vista

In the first of a *two-parter* exploring the home technology revolution, The Money Programme's Max Flint is given access to the world's largest software company as it launches one of its most ambitious products, Vista, the long-awaited follow-up to Windows XP."

Sorry, for the late posting - only spotted it a minute ago on another forum. G

  kinger 19:20 09 Feb 2007

Thanks, recording it, very interesting.

  GaT7 20:54 09 Feb 2007

Only just found that one can also watch it at the BBC site (broadband required/recommended).

click here (taken from the article page at click here).

To view in the biggest screen size possible, choose 'high quality 256k and above', on 'Launch in stand alone player' (in the next page) & expand your player to Full Screen. G

  Totally-braindead 23:08 09 Feb 2007

Brilliant Crossbow7 missed it, away to watch it now.

  Totally-braindead 23:43 09 Feb 2007

I can say I'm thrilled with it or even mildly excited. I think the girl in the shop at the end of the show had a good point, its expensive to buy, if you don't get it preinstalled in a new PC, and it doesn't do anything that XP doesn't. Its very pretty I concede but its just so expensive.
I wonder if the pressure Microsoft are getting from various people will have any effect on them about the huge price difference between the US and the UK. Bearing in mind how big the company is I doubt it, sadly.
I'll try to remember to watch next weeks program.
What I am hoping will happen in the next few months is people to bring out programs, perhaps even on freeware to make XP look more like Vista. And if they do that, or should I say if they can do that then why upgrade.

  Kate B 01:04 10 Feb 2007

Ha, lots of familiar faces in that programme, I've met Cynthia Crossley a couple of times, she's very nice and incredibly committed; and Jenny Lam, the woman overseeing the look of the OS, who is a total hardware geek and last time I saw her was building a gaming rig in her spare time. I'm sure the FE will have also recognised David Weeks, the relaxed bald guy; and James Blamey of the Microsoft PR team too. Also a friend of mine - a reporter from the Times - featured in shots of the launch. No shots of me (not that you'll have noticed anyway, I did spot the back of my head briefly), so I thought it was a fun programme, if only for the familiar faces!

  Gandalph 02:21 10 Feb 2007

Already been done, and very good it is here

  Totally-braindead 08:57 10 Feb 2007

Wonderful Gandalph, I might give that a try later on. In the meantime I've bookmarked it.

  Totally-braindead 09:06 10 Feb 2007

Knew there was a catch Gandalph, a lot of people had severe problems with it according to the reviews. The first guy posting is on about it has virus or spyware in it but I may discount his comments as he is the only one to make this claim. Therefore it suggests to me that he may have a virus or malware but it could well have come from elsewhere and has nothing to do with it. Others report various problems and glitches.
Have to think about it a bit.

  anskyber 09:49 10 Feb 2007

Yes. i tried it some time ago it crashed my PC>

  Kate B 11:13 10 Feb 2007

I ran that transformation pack for a while and didn't find it buggy and it didn't infect my system. I liked it.

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