Now it's McAfee vs. Microsoft? Will it ever end?

  vpointcon 00:39 06 Oct 2006

Now McAfee is complaining that Vista's patchguard is messing up their business. This is just like the Symantec vs. Microsoft post I made a few weeks back. I'll make this one more simple. Not too long ago, i scanned a PC with the existing McAfee anti-virus that was installed. It was the latest version of the software, with the latest definition file installed. It found nothing.......
I then scanned with my favorite from Australia's ESET, and found 76, YES 76 viruses!!! Some of the infections were repeats, but not all. As far as the software being stable.......not a chance. numerous times over trhe last year, I've seen the message "Please reinstall", and "uninstall failed" follows right after. No removal tool for McAfee means manually removing tons of registry keys, and then the prograqm folders (and whatever else this "protection" software may have put on the puter). Just like Symantec, McAfee drags a system down, and then doesn't give the protection the company claims. I wish this was just opinions, but I've seen too many of the same issues. So again, this company needs to figure out a new way to make their stuff work properly befrore even thinking of mouthing off because Microsoft decided to do something that they had a great request for. I wish someone would stress accountability to the software industry. Until then, I'll stay away from big corporate entities whose only goal is to put their crap on my computer, and make me pay a yearly fee on top of all the service charges for repairing junk software. *Whew* Thanks again for reading.

  sunny staines 17:43 06 Oct 2006

dont know who to believe the hype from the AV companies or the hype from MS put put forward a convincing excuse.

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