not loading until repair then exit to 8.1

  conradwebster 17:24 23 Mar 2014

Recently, on booting up, Windows 8.1 will not load until I boot into the installation disc, choose repair, then choose exit to 8.1. It loads up and I can remove the disc. All works fine for a few starts then the problem recurs.I did have a new cooling fan fitted and the shop somehow set the bios to factory settings but I re-set this to what worked previously and the problem remains. Any ideas?

  rdave13 18:37 23 Mar 2014

Could be a bad driver. Has this started to happen after installing new hardware or an adapter? Or any changes done to the PC?

  conradwebster 20:05 23 Mar 2014

A new heat sink and fan was fitted but that doesn't use a driver, otherwise nothing.

  rdave13 21:14 23 Mar 2014

Have you tried checking the drive for errors?

  conradwebster 18:33 24 Mar 2014

I checked through device manager and all seem to be working okay. I had thought it could be a graphics driver but nothing has changed there and for any explanation why should load up be fine and then just not load? I did delete speedfan which one forum reply said affected windows stability.

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