[NOOB ALERT] Need to reinstall Vista on my laptop

  AKKKA 04:23 05 May 2009

I've got a Philips Freevents X59. I'm selling it and want to get rid of ALL my personal shyte on this laptop. I've been told I should reinstall the system/reboot/that way everything is completely gone.

I AM A NOOB - just to make that absolutely clear.

So I have NO IDEA where to begin... How do I do this?? I don't have a Vista CD because it was already installed on the laptop.

(1) Do I need to buy one? If so, where do I get one from?
(2) How long does the whole reinstalling procedure take?
(3) What is the exact procedure? (What buttons do I need to press, etc).

PLEASE HELP as I really need to sell this laptop (sigh) because I really need the money. Thank you!

  Kevscar1 07:31 05 May 2009

What disks did you get with the laptop If you did not get Vista there should have been a recivery/repair disk which would allow you to revert to original settings

  AKKKA 12:45 05 May 2009

No, there's no recovery disk. Only the manual and Microsoft Works 8.5 CD..

  Pineman100 18:23 05 May 2009

You don't need to completely reformat the drive, in order to get rid of your data. This freeware will do it for you: click here

So you won't need to reinstall Windows.

  OTT_Buzzard 20:41 05 May 2009

The software Pineman100 has linked to is very very good, but as far as I'm aware (assuming it hasn't changed too much since version 4) it does have a downside that you would need to know here all of your personal data is on the drive.

There are no REALLY secure ways to eliminate all data on a hard drive without plugging it into another computer and picking it up as another disk drive. That way all files can be erased, and all spare space cleaned.

Then if you can borrow a copy of the same operatng system that is installed, you can use that and use your own product key (should be located on a sticker on the laptop)

  chub_tor 21:26 05 May 2009

Most laptops have a partition on the hard drive that contains an image of the operating system as it was when it was first installed. There should be a key sequence so that you can re-set the laptop to its factory settings. Do you have a handbook? If not you might find something under Start, All Programs, Phillips. If you reset to the factory settings all of your data will effectively be lost.

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