No Explorer after update Windows 7

  night 18:36 02 May 2011

After updating my lap top which has Windows 7, it installed Explorer 9 plus other updates, I now find I have no explorer at all infact it wont even load home page being BBC, and have tried restore to earlier date but it will not load explorer has anyone experienced this and how does one correct the problem.

  chub_tor 15:03 03 May 2011

Have you tried using the command Run, then typing in iexplore.exe instead of using the Internet Explorer icon?

  night 17:42 04 May 2011

Hello chub_tor I have tried as you say but no good Ihave removed explorer 9 and reinstalled and sill no joy would welcome any further ideas.

  Forum Editor 19:01 04 May 2011

Try this:-

  1. Close all running programs.
  2. Click 'Start', and then click 'Control Panel'.
  3. Click 'Find and Fix Problems' under System and Security.
  4. Click 'View All' on the task pane on the left.
  5. Click 'Internet Explorer Performance'.
  6. Click 'Next' in the dialogue box.

The troubleshooter will run and will try to fix any identified problems automatically. When it's finished Click 'Close', and then try IE9

If that doesn't work we can think again.

  a member 19:55 04 May 2011

err, FE I think you missed out one step ,should it have been troubleshooting as No3 then the rest "as is"

  night 15:39 05 May 2011

Forum Editor

Many thanks for your suggestion, but alas it will not work, and I only have System in my control panel not as you say system and security, I have removed the upadte and downloaded it yet again but it will not display ? only Explorer 8 will work, I seek further suggestion please

  a member 17:48 08 May 2011

have you tried downloading the standalone installer direct from often intalling directly will work when windows update installation fails .

  night 18:32 08 May 2011

I havr tried the standalone installer yes it downloads ok but it will not display no matter how you try but it is online I am puzzled and as soon as I remove Explorer 9 Explorer 8 works perfectly I will seek Microsoft Advice but thanks for your suggestion Merlinex

  rdave13 10:37 10 May 2011

Microsoft help Some advice here.

  kristain 12:26 11 May 2011

At times, you may face installation issues with your Internet Explorer 9 Beta. Installation may fail due to the insufficient hard disk space. Also, malware infection blocks the installation of Internet Explorer 9 Beta. Improper installation, incompatible Internet Explorer versions (old version of Internet Explorer is not compatible with Windows 7 Operating System), etc. may arise while installing Internet Explorer 9 Beta in Windows 7 Operating

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