New Win 8 user

  Rob Gibson 14:59 04 May 2013

The wife has a new lappy, due to be started up for the first time tomorrow. Neither of us has any experience of Windows 8. It's probably all going to be straightforward, but are there any trip-ups to know about before we start?

  rdave13 15:28 04 May 2013

The usual as with any laptops. Check to see what software is available for trial. Do not open them. Decide what you don't need and uninstall through programs and features. Usually security software trials.

Win 8 comes with Defender and its own firewall so it is protected from new.

Once you find your way around, find how to create your factory restore discs and create them as soon as you can. There is no key label on Win 8 laptops.

Create a user that has a Microsoft email, ie hotmail, live mail or the new Outlook and use the email password to log in. This allows the use of all the tiles. That means the email address is the user name.

Later I would create a second Standard admin account, call it Stand-by, or similar, in case you run into difficulty with the original profile. This is just a backup account.

  aquatarkus 16:24 04 May 2013

You find that Windows Defender that is no built into Win8 is ample protection as far as antivirus goes, its built into the core of Win8 so don't worry about supposed poor reviews etc. Would suggest that you install Malware Bytes Antimalware (free version is ok) and CCleaner.

As Jock1e said uninstall all the programs you don't want or unpin them from the start screen.

Have a look here as loads of tutorials for Win8

Me I love Win8 and its new interface, yes it takes a bit of getting used to but once your used to it it works really well.

  sunnystaines 21:01 04 May 2013

there is no start menu, but w8 can run it here from the task bar saving the use of 3rd party software.

follow the following steps 1. Right click empty section of the taskbar 2. Click toolbars 3. new toolbar 4. Click empty section of the address bar 5. Type C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu 6. Press enter 7. Click “select folder” button lower screen 8. Click toolbar arrows to open

  Forum Editor 23:32 04 May 2013

"are there any trip-ups to know about before we start?"

That's a difficult one to answer without knowing your previous experience with Windows. If you've used Windows 7 it should all be fairly easy. The interface has been designed primarily with touch screens in mind,but you can very easily revert to the more familiar desktop view.

My advice is to play around with Windows 8. I'm sure you'll soon start to feel at home with what is really a very good Windows version.

  woody 00:15 05 May 2013

"Once you find your way around, find how to create your factory restore discs and create them as soon as you can. "

This is worth repeating - do it before you do anything else

  Rob Gibson 08:15 06 May 2013

Thanks for the replies.

Well, it's certainly a bit different. I'm not sure I like the way email is handled, but the wife does and it's her laptop!

Got rid of all the crap and bloat as soon as, and recovery discs made.

I'm now going back to my Vista machine!

  Forum Editor 00:49 07 May 2013

"There should be an update for it in the next month or two which will be called Windows Blue"

Windows blue is the internal name for the update - the official name will almost certainly be Windows 8.1

The update will undoubtedly be free to existing Windows 8 users, and there is likely to be a preview version in June. The release version will not be available until late in the year however.

  woody 14:44 09 May 2013

There is more than one MS win email she can use.

  sunnystaines 18:09 15 May 2013

when they put the start button back, hope they remember shut down button to. I have added these function to the right mouse click but would still prefer a button

  bengdang 07:36 16 May 2013

I am new Windows 8 user as well. But now i am get used of it.

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