New to Vista-What Bells & Whistles Should I Add?

  Proclaimer 17:19 01 Mar 2008

Got a new laptop, nice, proper full size keyboard on it too. Also has Vista Home Premium, so I was wondering what are the 'essential' add ons you have found for Vista?


  lisa02 17:49 01 Mar 2008


Sidebar? click here

Beyond that all you need is click here an antivirus and firewall.

A decent codec pack for video and that's about it. Vista has a lot of bells and whistles in it!

  tullie 17:50 01 Mar 2008

Why would you need to add too it?

  peter99co 22:04 01 Mar 2008

Why is ccleaner needed? What exactly does it do and has it ever caused a problem in a Vista set-up?I hope Proclaimer does not mind the question. It seems to be taken for granted by those in the know and the newbies are still in the dark about such software.

  Jim_F 22:12 01 Mar 2008

This is a good paint package at the right price:
click here

For battery life - set to Control Panel/Performance Info and Effects/Performance Options/Adjust for Best Performance - you lose the pretties but gain back battery life.

In my experience disabling sidebar and indexer are definite upgrades as well !

  tufti 23:37 01 Mar 2008

I use ccleaner at least once a week. It removes cookies and you can clean the registry after perhaps adding and removing programs.
Been using it for months now without any problems.

  Proclaimer 02:03 02 Mar 2008

I have 2 boxes here with XP-Pro and I was brought up from DOS-4. None of that helps when it comes to Vista because it is different 'under the hood' for want of a better expression.

I see a few threads in here with good points others with bad points. I know nothing about how I want Vista to look yet and lots about how I want XP-Pro to look and I have slapped lots of 'crap' on there to be honest.

So, with a new box, a new OS and a few good hints from you lot I might not have a fat bloated OS like my XP-Pro boxes.

The XP-Pro boxes are work boxes so all licenced programs like Sony Movie Studio and Adobe Photoshop... blah blah. But I won't add them to the Vista box because I am a good boy and one licence mistake and I am out of a job.

So, the new one is for fun and needs to look pretty, edit photos as in crop and that's about all. Chat, Bank, Shop, be secure and live on a home network.

Now all I need is a list of bells and whistles or a big arrow pointing to the 'hidden gems' already built into Vista.


  Forum Editor 08:22 02 Mar 2008

is not to add any third-party bells and whistles at all. You're new to Vista, so it might be an idea to spend some time getting to know it.

Later on, when you feel more familiar with Vista, you might decide to add a few gizmos, but so far,having run six machines on Vista ever since the launch, I haven't found it necessary to add anything other than an anti-virus/malware application.

  peter99co 12:39 02 Mar 2008

Mine came with Nero And a 30 day Office trial. I use the on board Photo Gallery and the Nero Essentials to Edit/Crop/Red Eye etc. and have added a Scanner to Add to an extensive photo collection.A digital camera (Nikon) puts all lastest photographs in. I have Office on a laptop (XP) so will probably not set-up the office,and use the Word on Vista for Normal Paperwork. The photo Gallery is great to use (tags/slide shows) and burning Photo CD,s a breeze. 250 photos to disc in 3 mins. I think Vista has all I need. oops forgot the Music Files for all my Record/Cd collection. On top of all this is of course the means to connect via a Router to the amazing variety of information on the NET. I have only been online since 1998 and had to deal with one WORM on a laptop which jumped on during registration because i had not turned on Windows Firewall. I am keeping my fingers crossed and thanks Tufti for you input. and Proclaimer for your question

  crosstrainer 13:37 02 Mar 2008

The FE, in fact I ditched the sidebar on day one, and have never used it on either of my 2 Vista rigs. Keep it "bare bones" for a while and as you get used to it if you feel you want to ad gadgets and the like, you will have an understanding of how it works.

  peter99co 19:06 02 Mar 2008

I find the CPU meter is a good guide to when you have activity that is not evident in any other way.

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