New Vista Laptops slower than 8 year old XP

  Soiux1001 21:42 03 Feb 2009

I recently purchased two Sony laptops running Vista Home Premium. When opening programmes the 8year old machine can do it in a fraction of teh time with a fraction of the horsepower of their equipment and clean the floor with them. An example is 32 seconds to open verus 140+ seconds in Vista? I have scanned, cleaned and turned off unnecessary applications to speed up startup. Even when off the network they are slow and can hang when printing via adobe and word docs can take 30 seconds to open(one page). The only thing I added was AVG firewall but this is also on the old XP machine.
I sat and dumped all of the free parasites that Sony send with their machines, Norton etc.
I tried ready boost but the SD cards are too slow!
Can someone help or do I reformat and go back to XP.
I have service pack one on both, a Gigabit network, Core 2 Duo processor 2 T8300, 2 gig DDR2 ram.

Yours failing asleep waiting on Vista. ZZZZZZZZZ

  mrwoowoo 01:15 04 Feb 2009

Several things to try but first things first.
The main thing that speeded up Vista for me was the power options.
In control panel> power options>create a power plan>click on high performance.

  Soiux1001 08:51 04 Feb 2009

I have the power setings set to high performance as the machine is usually used on mains given Sony's poor batery time.

  mrwoowoo 23:31 04 Feb 2009

10 speed tips to boost Vista.
click here
Another speed boost site.

click here

  mazuk 08:16 19 Feb 2009

Have you many programs running at startup? this can cause a lot of time waiting on bootup.

  skidzy 08:43 19 Feb 2009

Problem in todays market is that these machines are full of bloatware....try running Decrapifier click here then ccleaner click here


There are lots of adjustments that can be made in Vista...but first remove the junk.

  tullie 08:46 19 Feb 2009

My Vista laptop is ready to use in about a minute and a half,it the bits and pieces that i find slow it down,like firewall,antivirus etc.No ones life is disrupted having to wait this long.

  Soiux1001 10:03 19 Feb 2009

I have cleared everything I can, I have removed bloatware. The time I talk about is opening microsoft office, Clik Service. Printing you click print, wait 30 Second then get the dialogue box, click print and wait 11 seconds then the print starts up. These delays are not seen int the older lapops running XP?

Vista seems to be a quantim leapm back to the old 486 days of PC's.

As I am typing this there is 74 process running.

Can Vista be made work or do I flush it?

  Chouinardo21 05:46 20 Feb 2009

I have a 5 yo dell computer with xp and a few viruses that is faster than an hp with amd athlon dualcore and vista premium. IT IS SO SLOW and isn't even 2 years old
Everytime i close word it tries to send an error report saying it crashed. I can't print over my network unless I turn mcafee firewall off, iTunes takes too long to load and it calls by ipod a camera.
Is it just my computer or is vista alot worse than xp
If 7's not faster than xp im getting a MacBook

74 running processes maybe the problem, find out what they are, i have 34 including antivirus. click here
this click here is very useful to work out your settings. with a bit of work you can get vista working quite fast, i do however think xp should have gone straight to windows 7, vista has good innards but the rest is pretty shocking. imho

  EARLR 14:52 25 Feb 2009


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