New PC Build with Intel Duo Core 64bit CPU

  Fried~Chips 23:32 01 Apr 2008

HiYa all,

If I build a machine with Vista Home Premium, using a Intel Duo Core 64bitt CPU apart from the Graphics Card needs to support DX10 are/is there anything else I need to use to gain 64bit advantage in the build also inc motherboard support 64bit.


  Fried~Chips 00:31 02 Apr 2008

to simplfy things, upgrading to vista home premium, going to use a 64bit Intel Duo Core CPU, which other hardware should I need to have to comply/take advantage of the CPU with 64bit, someone mentioned a Graphics card with DX10 support is required. Is there anything else please i need to check.

  mrwoowoo 17:22 02 Apr 2008

As no one has answered,i will attempt to add my limited knowledge.
All 64bit hardware is backward compatible to 32bit.To get the full performance you will need a 64bit compatible motherboard although, any board that will take a 64bit cpu should be (to my mind) ok anyway.
I actually googled 64bit motherbpoard and got a shed load on novatech,so perhaps they all are now.
The main problem will be getting drivers for some of your hardware,such as printers etc,so make sure they are available first.
Not all games and software are 64bit compatible yet,so even with all the right hardware you won't see any advantage with certain programmes.
Also you will need a 64bit operating system as well,(I apologise,if you already know this).
Just found this link.
click here
Sorry it's a bit general,but perhaps someone else can explain better now that it's been bumped.

  anskyber 17:34 02 Apr 2008

64 bit, that's an interesting point about the operating system, I assume Fried~Chips you do mean 64bit as opposed to a 64bit machine (most are these days) but running a 32bit OS?

mrwoowoo has highlighted some of the issues with 64bit, perhaps the most important is the issue of drivers. The 32bit OS will accept unsigned drivers whereas the 64bit will not. The key is that not all drivers are sent to Microsoft for signing so you should be certain that your key hardware like printer has 64bit drivers. Not all manufacturers bother to write 64bit drivers anyway.

The advantage of 64bit (assuming you can get compliant software) is speed, to take advantage of this capability within reason I would get as much RAM as your motherboard will take, certainly 4 Gigs.Given that 32bit will recognise 4 Gigs ( OK but will only use about 3.4 for the OS) you can see there are arguments against 64 bit as well as good reasons.

  Fried~Chips 19:06 02 Apr 2008

The o's is Vista Home Premium 32bit I am going to use, not really bothered about 64bit as windows goes. All in one, mainly and internet security will be new and have checked they are vista 32 compatible.

Take it DVD or DVD Wtrs are no problem if new, only thing is Nero v7 oem has light scribe on the disk which seems to install on XP machine with no option to not have it, this is something I am not bothered about using.

  mrwoowoo 21:48 02 Apr 2008

"is there anything else I need to use to gain 64bit advantage"
You won't gain any 64 bit advantage with a 32bit operating system.
The 32-bit operating system is only going to use half the registers of the processor, thus limiting its computing ability. It will still have all the same limitations on it that an existing 32-bit processor has with the same OS.

Makes the whole thing a bit accademic really,unless you are thinking of upgrading to vista 64 bit in the future.

  mrwoowoo 21:57 02 Apr 2008

Ooops...sausage fingers,accademic = academic.

  Fried~Chips 22:04 02 Apr 2008

I have choosen the E2180 to keep the price down.
Thanks mrwoowoo

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