New Nvidia Graphics Driver

  SteveWH 08:02 29 Apr 2007

The latest WHQL driver 158.18 is now on their site.

click here

  Kate B 12:12 29 Apr 2007

thanks, Steve.

  tonymcdonn 19:38 30 Apr 2007

"HI" Steve What are this for please I have the ge force 7300 se will it do for me?

  Wizards_Sleeve 21:42 30 Apr 2007

They for almost all nvidia graphics cards,I've had a look and all 7 series cards are supported.

  SteveWH 22:37 30 Apr 2007

tonymcdonn the answer as Wizards_sleeve says is yes when you install just make sure you follow the instructions to delete your Nvidia driver and turn off your anti virus.

  Wizards_Sleeve 12:07 01 May 2007

^^ Vista it seems does it for you, ie it wont let you install without uninstalling the old ones.

  tonymcdonn 12:14 01 May 2007

Thank you all

  Kate B 12:19 01 May 2007

I do it the long way round - boot into safe mode, uninstall the old driver, reboot into safe mode, install the new driver, reboot. I've found the wizard a bit flaky before.

Incidentally, I just spoke to Nvidia about this driver release for a piece I'm writing and apparently it now delivers equivalent performance in single-card mode as XP and it's a 42 per cent improvement on the former driver in SLI under Vista. They're working on getting that better.

  Pine Man 12:40 01 May 2007

I am running 7300GS on Vista Home Premium. The driver for my card is

Will I notice any improvement if I update it?

  Kate B 14:24 01 May 2007

Yes, with gaming.

  Pine Man 17:12 01 May 2007

Thanks for that - I'll risk it!

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