New Nvidia Drivers

  crosstrainer 06:22 01 Mar 2007

To All

Just had this info. from Nvidia..drivers should be available @ the weekend.

On behalf of the NVIDIA Vista Quality Assurance team, we would like to thank you for your participation and assistance in improving our products.

We are writing to let you know that there will be a new Windows Vista Beta driver release available to download from NVIDIA in the next few days. This is a new driver which will support GeForce 6, 7 and 8 series graphics boards; it does not support GeForce Go mobile GPUs. Please continue to check with your notebook manufacturer for a new driver for GeForce Go GPUs. GeForce FX users should continue to use the v96.85 driver.

The Vista Quality Assurance homepage has up to the date information on when the driver will be available to download, so please continue to check this website: click here.

Here is a summary of new features and bug fixes this new driver addresses:

New Features

GeForce 7 series SLI support
GeForce 6 series SLI support
GeForce 7950 GX2 support (both GPUs are now operational)
Key Bug Fixes

Improved OpenGL performance
Improved NVIDIA SLI performance at high resolutions
Brief corruption (flickering, boxes) on screen at Windows Vista login, CTR-ALT-DEL (Task Manager), or other function that requires Vista User Account Control
Playback issues when playing TV/DVD/video in Media Center with Aero enabled
Outputting via TV-Out shows only a black and white display
HDTV output does not keep HDTV resolution after restart
Adjusting Video Color settings from the NVIDIA Control Panel are not getting applied.
Change Flat Panel Scaling page does not correctly work in the NVIDIA Control Panel.
Brightness, Contrast and Gamma values remain the same in Adjust Desktop Color settings once closing and opening the NVIDIA Control Panel.
Corruption on DVI monitor while going to hibernation from standby
Call of Duty 2 has no performance gain when SLI is enabled
Madden NFL 07 while playing the screen will freeze, but the game will continue to run and you hear the in-game sounds.
General application compatibility fixes

Products Supported
GeForce 8800 GTX/GTS
GeForce 7 series
GeForce 6 series
When the driver is available, please view the driver Release Notes for a full list of bugs fixed, known driver issues, products supported, and operating system and application limitations. NVIDIA will continue to provide new drivers that will fix more known driver issues.

  anskyber 11:47 01 Mar 2007


In fact my drivers came through for me as part of the Windows automatic update process. Strangely it happened as I was doing a manual install so I had to hide the auto update version to stop Vista pestering me to install what I already had.

Perplexing for the intellectually challenged like me.

  crosstrainer 11:49 01 Mar 2007

Not sli capable though are they? That should be with us by the weekend....just checked out the site but not there yet..want to get on there as soon as to avoid waiting as the servers all crash with everyone downloading!

  anskyber 11:54 01 Mar 2007

Well spotted!

SLI is not part of my set up but I know of others here who will be pleased, still Beta though. I wonder if KateB will be tempted this time.

  crosstrainer 11:57 01 Mar 2007

Told her this morning.

  Kate B 12:54 01 Mar 2007

Kate will certainly be tempted! Thanks, crosstrainer, for the heads-up.

  crosstrainer 14:13 01 Mar 2007

No problem....might start putting some games on here in anticipation.....hope the new ones don't disappoint us all!

  crosstrainer 06:41 03 Mar 2007

The new drivers with sli support are now available, good luck to BSOD's I hope!

  phoenix198 09:30 03 Mar 2007

Are you referring to the 101.41 BETA drivers click here?

The latest whql (32-bit Vista) driver I can find is the 100.65 click here

  phoenix198 09:31 03 Mar 2007

Oops! Sorry, didn't see the linky in your original post.

  Mike10C 17:19 04 Mar 2007

I have been watching this thread to see the comments coming in. I installed them and immediately lost my Hauppauge 1100 TV card picture. Re-installing the TV card did not help. Train simulator was already giving me problems with the old drivers, and whilst the picture quality improved the simulation performance is very poor.
Like SteveWH, see another thread today, I have gone back to the previous driver.

Hopefully !!

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