New Laptop with Vista - any tips?

  Goofyish 20:05 18 Mar 2009

I'm awaiting delivery of a new Dell laptop which will have Vista Home Premium installed.

I've never used Vista but have read and heard good and bad reviews.

Can anyone give me any tips on how to make the Vista experience as painless as possible (apart from putting XP on the laptop LOL)?

Thanks in advance.

  peter99co 20:32 18 Mar 2009

Use it for a while before changing any settings at all.

If you do change a setting write down the change and keep it safe so you can change it back.

It is not painful to use just get used to the way it operates for a while.

Some things are slower but it should not be a problem.

Install the forum recommended anti virus and malware programs. Keep up to date with all microsoft updates.

Enjoy the change.

  Goofyish 20:35 18 Mar 2009

I use AVG and Zone Alarm on my other XP laptop and desktop - are these OK for Vista?

  peter99co 20:43 18 Mar 2009

AVG is fine but I would look on the forum for a comprehesive list which is published now and then.

This list was found in a quick search. all free

Zonealarm (xp only)
Spybot search and Destroy
PCWizard 2008

  peter99co 20:47 18 Mar 2009
  Covergirl 12:35 19 Mar 2009

Make sure you have a VHP installation disc in case you need it in the future. I think Dell supply them as standard but not absolutely sure.

If not, make a set from your backup software.

Good advice from peter99co - heed it.

  sunnystaines 14:02 19 Mar 2009

i found several dvd's would not play so installed K-Lite codec pack now they all play ok [these played ok in xp though]

also jk defrag is better then the vista defrag
auslogics reg defrag, eusing reg cleaner, ccleaner

all these free downloads

i quickly got to like vista

  sunnystaines 16:41 19 Mar 2009

goto local library or buy "vista insideout" an excellent book about vista for all levels.

  citadel 21:43 19 Mar 2009

you can get kaspersky internet security 2009 oem for about £13, it has everything all in one and updates itself often. been running it for months on vista 64 and never had to open it.

  mooly 17:54 20 Mar 2009

Don't fiddle too much is my advice. Vista's great, use one good security package, I use FSecure (under 20 quid Amazon) and turn OFF Windows defender. Never had any malware issues.
CCleaner is good.
Consider investing in Acronis TI if it doesn't have an image backup utility provided. It's a total lifesaver, needed it today with IE8 problems. If you make incremental backups be sure to turn OFF Vistas auto defragmenter (as it makes each incremental huge) and just run it very occasionally.
Try disabling Aero... I find it all much better with sharper resolution.
And do as Sunnystaines says, books and more books.
And enjoy !

  Kevscar1 03:27 21 Mar 2009

You have the option to change everything to classical view, start menu etc this makes everything look just like XP. I found this so much easier I have kept it that way.

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