New laptop, trouble installing speedtouch

  scarylee 22:18 27 Jan 2008


I bought a new laptop today, spent five hours trying to connect to internet. I have inserted my startup disc, agreed the software licence and set up was complete. Then said I should now connect speedtouch USB to my computer,
New hardware found "speedtouch 330 ADSL" installing driver software. This was taking some time then received message;
"windows encountered a problem installing the driver software for your device" I have installed, uninstalled, shut down, rebooted and its driving me mad now. Anyway, back on old computer, Windows XP and speedtouch works perfectly,. Do you think maybe its not compatible with Vista?
Help, thanks

  anskyber 22:50 27 Jan 2008

You need the Vista drivers. click here

  scarylee 23:41 27 Jan 2008

thanks for that.
If I install the new 4.1 driver, will I still be able to use for Windows XP aswell?

  brundle 23:50 27 Jan 2008

Yes (retain the original driver on the XP machine).

  scarylee 23:53 27 Jan 2008

okay thx, but seeing as I'll have to install the vista drivers from the XP machine, (no connection on Vista PC) will this be a problem?

  brundle 23:59 27 Jan 2008

You need to transfer the drivers from the XP machine to the Vista one and install them there. Burn them to CDRW or stick them on a flash drive.

  scarylee 19:16 28 Jan 2008

many thanks, I'll try that

  scarylee 13:08 03 Feb 2008

I was worried that I would loose old connection on my XP machine whislt I was changing over to new laptop, so I bought the new version 4.1 cd from Thompson speedtouch website on the advice of my ISP. This has now arrived and again I have spent another 3 hours trying to install the software! It says the software device is successfully installed. The modem is now green but windows was unable to install network support. I've looked at the thomson website and it states the 330 speedtouch is only meant for one pc, but I only want to install it on one pc, the new laptop, the old pc is going to be redundant (if I ever get the laptop online that is!) please any advise?

  brundle 13:35 03 Feb 2008

You won't lose the connection by swapping between the two, though an ADSL router would be a better way to go about things. Are you running the installer as Administrator? click here

  scarylee 13:48 03 Feb 2008

Don't think so, had a look at the link but dont understand it. Okay, so I wont loose the connection and I can swap back and forth for now thanks. But I want to install the speedtouch onto the laptop now(vista) and once successful it will stay there. Problem I have is, I install modem driver ok, plug & surf the speedtouch modem software, install the driver software, agree the licence, set then only takes 7 seconds! setup complete. You can now connect your speedtouch modem. When I do this it promts me to run the disk again, (windows need my permission to continue)device driver software installation successful then message appears "driver software not successful", consult your device manufacture.

  brundle 14:02 03 Feb 2008

Uninstall any/all versions of the Speedtouch driver. Before rebooting (it may or may not request a reboot) goto start orb/type cmd in the search box, when the CMD shortcut appears right click on that and select Run As Administrator.

In the command prompt type

net user administrator /active:yes

When you see `command completed successfully`, reboot the PC. When you get back to the login screen there will be a new account showing called Administrator. Log into that and then try the Speedtouch install process. If all goes well, log out, back into your usual account and follow the steps above to disable the admin account (a good idea to only enable it when needed) but type

net user adminstrator /active:no


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