New Lappy -Question re. HDD - WHY 2 listed??

  AngeTheHippy 11:12 16 Feb 2009

Morning Chaps,
Well I've bit-that-bullet and purchased a Toshiba L300 1AQ,250GB-HDD 2Gb RAM which ***so far*** seems to be playing ball very well. One query I do have though, on my old Evesham lappy (and everything else I've seen with XP OS when you look at computer/HDD it shows just one - 'c' drive. I'm a little perplexed as to why, as it's sold as a 250GbHDD it's showing 2 drives (apart from the DVD)- Vista 'c' and Data 'e'. Can someone enlighten me please?



  User-1229748 11:37 16 Feb 2009

one will be your recovery partition

  a member 11:40 16 Feb 2009

its common to put a recovery partition on PCs these days and while some are hidden, some show up as an extra drive .however you only have one phisical HDD.

  AngeTheHippy 11:47 16 Feb 2009

mmm. Vastly different to XP...


  sheila.weston 17:22 16 Feb 2009

Join the club! I have just bought a new Toshiba also - the advertised 320 giga should have been ample, and I feel thoroughly cheated to find that the storage space is only 150giga. I telphone John Lewis, where I bought it from, to complain that it should have been stated on the advertising board and was told that there wasn't a legal obligation to do so.
Apparently one can alter the amount of space in each partition, but I think that I will probably use an external drive to keep images etc on.

  bremner 17:43 16 Feb 2009

It is unlikely to be the recovery partition.

It is most likely that the drive has been split into two usable partitions C containing the O/S and programs and E being available for you to put whatever you like. Hence why it is named "Data"

Many manufacturers including Acer and Sony regularly supply their computers with this set up.

  Peter 18:32 16 Feb 2009


As bremner says, this is quite a common setup and can be useful as it keeps your data separate from the operating system and the programmes loaded on your machine. This means that you can easily backup your data without having to backup everything else at the same time.

It also allows you to image your C: Drive to your data drive. This is not as safe as backing up to an external drive, but is often a lot quicker.


  AngeTheHippy 10:30 17 Feb 2009

I see what you mean. There is nothing though, to stop me from storing maybe specific folders on the C: drive is there? Not that I'll probably need to, but I sort of agree with Shiela - bit of a cop-out me thinks to advertise the HDD as 250gb, which it IS, but not in the whole way we think it is!!


  bremner 11:17 17 Feb 2009

There is nothing to stop you putting your data on whichever volume you want.

  peter99co 16:05 17 Feb 2009

I have a Medion PC with 250 gb drive.

It is split as C BOOT (ntfs) 212 gb and D Recover (fat32)19.9 gb of which 10 gb is free.

On the C drive properties there is a tab marked Quota which allows for multi users and is adjustable to prevent one user from filling the disc.

  tullie 04:55 20 Feb 2009

What did you complain about,you have still got the same storage space.

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