New Computer - How to Retrieve Date from IDE drive

  gary_c 02:50 12 Sep 2007

Until last week, I was doing okay. I had three IDE/ATA Maxtor Hard Drives configured in a removable enclosure. Each was configured as a Master and was bootable (two with Windows XP and the third with Windows 98SE). Depending on what I wanted to do, I would insert the appropriate hard drive into the removable enclosure, turn the computer on - and it would boot up and work fine.

Then my computer died, so I bought a new one. My problem is that I have extensive data on the three old IDA/ATA Hard drives that I must be able to retrieve.

I purchased an ET-CSMU2-BK IDE-to-USB enclosure with the hope that it would allow me to use my existing IDE hard drives through the USB connector.

My new computer (running Windows Vista Home Premium) does see the IDE drive via the USB. The drive shows up okay under Control Panel/Administrative Tools/Computer Management/Disk Management/Storage - and it shows the right capacity. It shows the drive as "Basic" "Online" and "Healthy."

However, it shows no "Volume" name - and it does not assign to this drive a drive letter. Consequently, this drive does not show under "Windows Explorer" - so I can not see the data on the drive.

I have tried this with the jumper in the Maxtor drive set to Master and also with the jumper set to Slave. In both cases, I get the same results.

I have tried the same process by connecting your IDE-to-USB output to the USB port on my laptop (running Windows XP) with the same results.

I presume I could follow your instructions to format and partition the drive - but that would wipe out all of my data on the drive - which is my entire purpose of why I need to use these IDE drives.

Can you suggest any way that I can get to the data on my IDE drives?

  gary_c 14:23 12 Sep 2007

Yes, the particular hard IDE hard drive I have been trying to get to work does have Norton Go Back on it.

  skidzy 16:18 12 Sep 2007

If the drive is listed in Disc management you maybe lucky and retrieve your data using Testdisk or Driverescue.
However,if no drive letter is associated to the drives,you may not reclaim the data.But certainly worth a try.

Drive Rescue click here

Testdisk click here

  gary_c 00:44 13 Sep 2007

"Beta" suggested that Go Back might be the problem. With my old IDE drive connected via a USB port, as my new computer started up, I selected the "Boot Options." My IDE drive was listed, so I selected to boot from it. That brought up the Go Back screen (Hit Space Bar to enter GoBack). From that menu, I selected "Disable Go Back." It took several minutes, but eventually got to 100% - GoBack history disabled.

Then, I booted up again from the SATA drive that came with the new machine (running Vista). Now, my IDE drive was visible in Windows Explorer with an assigned drive letter.

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