The almighty bob 10:49 30 Oct 2007

I have Vista Home Premium... no matter what i doo.. or how i do it.. i cannot get my computer to setup a home network! I have a Netgear Dg834g V1 wirless which my sister conntects to the internet Via her laptop Runing Win xp Home. it says the router cannot detect her but in the router settings she is clearly online. I have trired saving the network settings to My Memory stick and following the instructions.. but it never works.. Anyone find another solution? Vista is Starting to annoy me now.


Lucas *

  The almighty bob 10:50 30 Oct 2007

*Wireless, *RouteR

  cynical lemming 12:52 30 Oct 2007

I had problems connecting to the net via a wired router for a while, which, being a non-expert was not fun. However, just a few thoughts:
1) What can your P.C. actually see? Can you get the router details up but not anything beyond that, or do you not even get this far?
2) Vista seems to assume that every user is a muppet that must be protected from their own stupidity, which is fair comment with respect to myself but does mean that you have to actually tell it to make things visible to anything outside the machine itself.....could this be part of the problem?

I'm not an expert but I hope this may help in some way....

  Giant68 17:00 01 Nov 2007

Vista and XP have different default workgroup names. Vista is WORKGROUP while XP is MSHOME. Change the XP name to the same as the Vista. Make sure that bothe PCs are on the same network eg and and the same subnet mask,, this will be in the network connection properties under TCP/IP. If the hard drives are set to share you should be able to add new network place in either machine. You may have to manually enter the network place in the wizard as it mine did not see the network. You could enter in the network place \\name of the pc\drive letter of the shared drive

Sorry if this is a confusing, took me a while to sort out my network this afternoon.


  Giant68 09:57 02 Nov 2007

I've just read thru the drivel I wrote above and I think it needs clarifying.
You will need to make sure that all pcs on the network are set to the same workgroup name, eg WORKGROUP ( the Vista default) You will also need to make sure that all the pcs have a static ip address on the network. Go to the properties of your network connection and under TCP/IP properties set the ip address to the same group as the router. Eg. if your router is accessed by typing in into your web browser, set your pc ip address to, subnet They should all be able to talk to each other now.
Run the add network place wizard, then either browse to your shaed drives or manually enter drive path eg \\myPC\C

Does that make any more sense or am I still creating drivel?


  Ashrich 21:47 03 Nov 2007

I'm afraid that regarding static IP address , you are still " drivelling " DHCP will handle the IP addresses , and as for not " seeing " anything in the network , try turning off the firewalls first of all , so removing one obstacle , get an IP address for each PC ( start/run/CMD , press enter , type in ipconfig and press enter again , read IPv4 address )then type in , without the quote marks " ping 192.168.*.* ( whatever the last 2 octets are ) the address being the IP of the opposite PC , see if it finds the other one . That will establish that at least they can find each other


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