Netgear DG834G wireless and vista /firewall

  jay.p 01:03 05 Jun 2007

as on aol and soon to buy a new pc with vista have ordered an Netgear DG834G wireless router as my speedtouch 330 usb modem is not supported.
with xp will it's built in firewall conflict with zone alarm or can i run both.
does the firewall act the same as zonealarm as in pop ups etc to allow access.
with vista do i run vistas firewall as well or just rely on the routers or should i run zonealarm or a combination.
can you disable the routers firewall.
sorry it's long winded but i am a bit confused.

  rawprawn 08:14 05 Jun 2007

I just run Vista Firewall and I have no problems. I don't really see the need for a 3rd party firewall, it just runs quietly in the background and in my opinion is much less intrusive than ZA.
You should not really run the two together.

  rawprawn 08:14 05 Jun 2007

PS. Use a good Antivirus (Only one)

  anskyber 09:58 05 Jun 2007

My hardware router firewall works perfectly with the inbuilt Vista firewall. Some say both together offer better protection because of the way they work. click here

ZoneAlarm do not have a non beta software firewall out yet so my advice is do not try ZoneAlarm yet and certainly not the original one designed for XP. I do not have the netgear so cannot help on disabling it's firewall, I do not think it will cause you a problem. The Vista firewall is virtually "silent" when compared with Zonealarm.

  dth 12:50 05 Jun 2007

your router firewall and the vista software one should be fine - there won't be any conflicts.

  Jake_027 14:30 05 Jun 2007

On vista and XP using both of their inbuilt firewall's, and have no problems whatsoever. You might have to configure zonealarm for the routers connections, but I'm not sure. When you get the router, run the AOL setup for it, which is click here but once it has finished I would recommend changing the encryption to WPA. However, other than that, you should have no problems


  jay.p 14:57 05 Jun 2007

thanks for taking the trouble to answer guys,all very helpful.
feel confident to go ahead now,cheers.

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