Net access problem with user profiles

  benmychree2003 11:12 30 May 2008

I have had a variety of issues with Vista (haven't we all!) but this one is defeating me and the friend who normally helps out.

System is Dell XPS 710, wireless router Huawei E960. The router is wireless (no wall connection other than power), and because of wireless connectivity issues at times I now actually run the Dell with a cable from the modem. I don't know if any of this is relevant, but I have included it to be safe. If I need to put any other info up, please let me know.

We have 5 user profiles on the PC - let's call them A, B, C, Guest and Admin. All had online access without any problems until recently, when user profile A lost its online access while B, C and Guest are fine. Under user profile A, firing up a browser brings the "IE cannot display web page" error message. Clicking on the Diagnose Problem link, it brings up a message saying "click here is not set up to establish a connection on port "World Wide Web Service (HTTP)" with this computer". Yahoo is just an example - I have tried to visit numerous sites and the error message is the same with just the variable of the site address.

I don't think it is my imagination, but this seemed to coincide with Windows Security Alert in the System Tray going red and giving a notification that there was no AV software. This was weird because there has always been AV software (AVG Free) and the Windows Security Alert was always green before. What is absolutely certain is that all of this has definitely coincided with degraded performance e.g games that used to run as smooth as silk are a little jerky occasionally, load and save times are generally longer, and I have had a couple of crashes. Not had these problems in the 8 months since I got the system.

While I cannot access the net under user profile A, the connection icon is the system tray is showing local and internet access, the auto update function on AVG checks for and downloads any AV updates, so the connection is working at least partially under user profile A.

Any suggestions as to how I get net access back under user profile A?

Many thanks

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