need help please!!!!!

  markjdlee 11:40 03 Mar 2008

im on windows vista and everytime i go to open a file via the internet i.e. threw hotmail or my server at work it opens the files threw paint. therefore it refuses to open attachements etc. ive tried everything to change it to microsoft works but no luck. its on a laptop.any ideas. cheers mark

  tullie 11:46 03 Mar 2008

Unfortunately with the headng for your message,you may not get much of a response,and do you mean through Hotmail and through paint?

  markjdlee 11:52 03 Mar 2008

oh right im new too it u see. Well when i go onto hotmail i have some attatchements in there. when i open the attachements they are being opened threw paint, it then says the following paint cannot open this file". I have tried to change it so the attachements are openeded threw word but no success. i am at university and i ahve the same probelm when using there "blckboard". when i try to download a document it also tries to open it threw paint so its delaying my work. hope thats clear enough. cheers.

  tullie 12:29 03 Mar 2008

Dont know the answer sorry,someone may help,and whilst you are at uni,learn how to spell,sorry couldent help that,the word is through,threw is to have thrown something.

  belfman 12:36 03 Mar 2008


Look at the errors in your own post!

  Pine Man 12:57 03 Mar 2008

Forum rules?

  Pine Man 13:03 03 Mar 2008

The Forum Editor will delete any posts which criticise another forum user’s writing style – we’re not here to conduct English writing lessons.

  tullie 14:29 03 Mar 2008

Tell me of my errors,so I too may learn.
Sorry if you dont agree with me folks,its just a pet hate of mine,I know I am not perfect,but I try to get the basics right.Ok I will shut up now,Ive been told.

  belfman 16:23 03 Mar 2008

Several spelling mistakes, the over use of Commas, no spacing, no sentence structure and a lack of Apostrophes.

  tullie 16:52 03 Mar 2008

Thanks for the English lesson,now can anyone help the original poster.

  belfman 17:41 03 Mar 2008

What are the file types?

If you right click a file with the same extension on your desktop you can choose the "Open with" option and select "choose default program". Then pick the program you wish to open that sort of file with. Tick the box beside "Alwasy use this program to open this kind of file".

tullie you started this nonsense and then asked for me to tell you of the errors in your posts. You coudn't help in the first place so you should have stayed off the thread!

I am sorry to markjdlee for allowing myself to be dragged into this with you and derailing his thread but hopefully my suggestion works!

This thread is now locked and can not be replied to.

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