Need help configuring a new Win 7 Pro desktop

  TopCat® 19:04 29 Sep 2010

I'm finally going to make the transition over from XP to Win7 Pro 64 bit with a new build computer, and I would really appreciate your advice on compatible components for it. (Thought it better to start this here rather than in the Helproom ,as I assume all the contributors here have Win7 as their OS.)

The PC will be used mainly for gaming and general internet use and BBC iPlayer viewing. Here's some specs I have in mind having already purchased a 256GB Crucial 2.5" RealSSD C300.

CPU will be a suitable Intel i7 and water cooled, GPU = a single ATI Radeon 5870HD 1GB DDR5, PSU = 800w true rated and quiet as possible and 6GB of Ballistix DDR3 PC3-12800 DDR1600 memory. I'm looking for great motherboard with a 3.0 USB and 6GB transfer interface to fully accomodate the SSD. Could consider a Crossfire 'board but think a good single graphics card would be adequate for the time being. My 2/1 sound set-up and HD monitor are fine

Please say if I've missed anything essential and can say my budget is now, after the SSD purchase, around £1500.

Thanks for your help on this. TC.

  john bunyan 19:17 29 Sep 2010

As I am not a gamer, I will not comment on that aspect as the spec you propose looks very advanced. I like to have two hard drives, one in a removable caddy , which I use to create regular ATI clones, with images on a USB HD.The number of people I meet who have insufficient back up is amazing - I expect that you have this aspect covered though.

  a member 19:20 29 Sep 2010

go gigabyte for the main board ,great to install ,will run all of the above and most of the new ones have usb3 ports , and I find them the most reliable board , why such a big PSU ,I have vbiult lots of systems some for my friends have been quite powerful with high end graphics dual graphic cards etc and multiple hard drives usually raided and I have rarely seen any CPU reading much over 300w.
have a look here click here
for a good board ,should match the spec your looking for .

  TopCat® 21:16 29 Sep 2010

I thought a 800w PSU would accomodate any future upgrades. What speed Intel i7 CPU do you think I should get for that Gigabyte 'board? I see it has six memory slots, colour coded, so how is the memory installed?

I've never built a computer myself but a local business guy normally does it for me. I do find his bottom line prices somewhat on the high side, so I'm trying to source and buy the components myself. He is not into building gamer PCs either so there's good chance it won't be set-up for best performance. If you were local to me, merlinx, then you'd get the job! :o) TC.

  TopCat® 21:21 29 Sep 2010

At the moment my back-ups are done weekly on a external USB hard-drive. Will have to find the best way with my new PC, once I'm familiar with the Win 7 Pro OS. Thanks for your input. TC.

  sunnystaines 07:52 30 Sep 2010

i have used w7 own system image and restored it once too works very well.

  a member 12:45 30 Sep 2010

click here Buy the best you can afford .the slots are colour coded because the memory uses dual memory system ,memory is boosted, a bit like raid ,using pairs of memory sticks .for it to work at full speed for the used memory ,matching pairs of identical memory should be used .I think that board will take up to 24gb max but 6 slots of 2gb memory will still give you 12gb or go 4 slots for 8gb , allways use sticks of the same size (identical)
all gigabyte motherboard come with everything needed to get you up and running and have a good manual that is pretty foolproof for setting up all the connections,
get yourself a antistatic wriststrap , and make sure the case is earthed.
if you dont have a wrist strap you cold seriousely damage some electronic component simply bu touchinmg them .I have friends who have not sed them and got away with it but take it from me it does happen .PC world sell them ,or look it up online .

  TopCat® 14:56 30 Sep 2010

Thanks for the advice, merlinx.

As stated above, I am getting Crucial's Ballistix DDR3 matched memory and considering I might now make it 12GB for that 'board.

The local guy should be getting back to me soon with his specs and prices, so I can compare them with mine so far. ;o)TC.

  a member 16:34 30 Sep 2010

8 will do for most things these days ,I allways keep a record of model numbers so If I need to upgrade an extra few gigs of ram its a lot easier .crucial are great for memory ,lifetime guarantee and reasonably cheap. I would reccomend using 8gig initially and get a feel for the system ,most softwares these days write thier software in such a way that means they wont demand more than a couple of gig of ram even running flat out .although you may be running multiple programs ,I think 8 is more than enough for 99 percent of modern apps . Even photoshop will not use the extra ,with big files .there is such a thing as overkill ,I dont think you will notice any speed increase over using 8gig .

  TopCat® 13:02 08 Oct 2010

come up trumps this time with prices for my new computer components. Took a little time but he's managed to source what I want at quite a decent discount. Everything is now on order, before the prices change, so I'm now in the process of studying the Windows7 Pro operating system.

Thanks again for the help. TC.

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