My pc is dropping my internet connection, internet is connected...

  Unci 23:22 25 Apr 2015

My pc is dropping internet connection, have worked with my internet carrier and they tell me it is fixed, but still drops, they have helped me reboot the router for wireless, all to no avail...I have tried uninstalling lan card and reinstalling, did not help..getting pc is Toshiba, my hubbysis Dell, bothe laptops and both Windows 7

  lotvic 13:44 27 Apr 2015

Can you be clearer with your description of the problem please.

There are several parts in the chain for an internet connection.

Is the Router connected ok to the Internet? (is the light on the router lit up for Internet)

Using an Ethernet cable is the pc able to see the the Router?

Are you able to go to the Router's Homepage (depending on make of Router is is something like – or the IP address your router uses) ClickHere for instuctions

WiFi: On the Router is the light lit up for WiFi?

Do the laptops list the router name when you search for 'Available Connections'?

Do you get any error messages?

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