My laptop keeps turning off whilst starting up?

  isabellegiles 21:26 18 Apr 2015

My laptop is a Samsung series 7 chronos. Lately, it was running really slowly, so I re installed the software and it worked as good as new! But then, one day I tried to turn it on and it started up really slowly. Before it finished starting up, it turned off- then started up again, and repeated this cycle over and over again. I am hesitant to do anything that will overwrite my files on this computer as a have many important documents on there that I don't want to loose (I have no backup). What should I do? I'm in an urgent situation!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 21:39 18 Apr 2015

Make and model? age of laptop?

what operating system are you using?

  Daisy_Michael 11:50 20 Apr 2015

OK, try pressing F8 or Shift + F8 (right after turning on your computer), try booting in Safe Mode (considering as if it's a Windows 8 or 8.1 based Laptop).

See if it's loading fine in Safe Mode & we'll move from here on.

  robin_x 14:02 20 Apr 2015

In the meantime, the documents are safe enough on the hard drive inside.

It's the other parts of the laptop or Windows that has a problem.

Please also say how long before it shuts down? Anything displayed on the screen?

  xania 15:10 20 Apr 2015

robin_x - I wouldn't be so sure that the documents are safe. At this stage, we simply don't know what's going on.

isabellegiles - As soon as you do get into to your system, first thing take a backup - then you can worry about sorting the problem. Better still, if you can get your hard drive connected to another laptop or PC via a caddy, get your backup sorted. (Unlikely, but if it is your hard drive that's on the blink, you could be in for a hefty bill or worse if a hard drive crash occurs)

  robin_x 15:38 20 Apr 2015

Do you tell ill people they do look awful as well?

There are some common causes for continual reboots. HDD failure is low on the list.

  xania 16:14 20 Apr 2015

No, but I do tell ill people top take the medicine

  bumpkin 17:03 20 Apr 2015

All sorts of reasons could cause this. Look for a damaged port which could be causing the PSU to trip out, unlikely to be that but easy to eliminate.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:14 20 Apr 2015

I would expect from the symptoms describe

failing hard drive or overheat due to dust build up

won't know more til we get a reply from the op.

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