My Docs to a different Partition (Drive)

  Ancient Learner 07:59 09 Nov 2007

On XP, if I remember correctly, right clicking My Documents on the Desk Top gave the option of having My Documents on a different Partition (Drive) to the one where Windows resided. This made things much safer, so that if Windows self distucted, all the docs were safe.

Is this possible to do in Vista.
My Documents is not the same here as in XP as they have, for some reason, put it all under a different folder with the name of the PCs user.

Or have they altered it so that you can't do this?

I do now have 2 more partitions to use.

  a member 10:08 09 Nov 2007

try this , go to my computer and choose drive C (or whatever drive your OS is on) click users/then choose your user profile / then right click documents and choose properties.on my setup I get a location tab to alter the location of the documents folder.
bearing in mind that I have 7 installations of vista and the drive I am currently on is drive E . but I guesse it will work with all of them .

  Ancient Learner 11:45 09 Nov 2007

Sorry, I'm not totally clear what you mean. At least I've done what I think you mean but I fail to get anywhere!
I got to Drive C OK, but wher do I find 'users' to click please. No doubt I'm being fataly thick.

I thought I had a complicated approach, but Blimey, 7 installations.

I am finding Vista obtuse, awkward and seemingly put together by those determined to make my life difficult. XP is a dream - Vista is anything but clear to use.

  Pine Man 12:29 09 Nov 2007


Left click C, left click folder with 'yourname' on it, right click documents, select properties, select location - voila!

  sinbads 14:45 09 Nov 2007

Ancient Learner not sure what u are doing ;but if i click on start and right click on doc's/pic's/or music select properties then location i can enter the location where the files are to be same as the old xp.

There has to be obviously a partition existing hopr this helps

  Ancient Learner 14:57 09 Nov 2007

Pine Man
Once again young man. Thank you.
Not quite straight forward, but by actually entering the new drive letter I got there. (Foolishly, I was expecting a choice being provided!)

I've now managed to get this PC onto the Internet, so I am advancing.

Then I have to pack it away again, not easy the boxes provided and - then - start all over again on the other PC for the younger brother.

Goodness knows where we'll hide them if they visit before Christmas, but at least we won't have the stress of hoping that they will arrive in time.

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