My computer just gone really laggy all of a sudden?

  aidanmanc 02:21 27 May 2014

I was just sat there playing a game and then bam, it went really lagging couldnt even play the game, my pc went laggy, restarted it and its just the same, restarted it again then checked my GPU, its fine and not overheating, went on CoreTemp and had nothing running but that then its was fine not overheating very little load on the cores but when i moved my mouse around the load on Core 3 went up to 100%.. When it happened i had headphones on and as soon as it went laggy i heard a very high pitched noise come on and its still on now. can anyone help me? its happened to me about 4 times now, and i cannot find a fix at all..

My specs CPU: AMD 8320 8 core GPU: Asus 660ti cooling: Corsair h100 case: Corsair 600t

  mole1944 05:52 27 May 2014

If it's a desktop take the case side of and see if all the fans and cooling is working properly

  aidanmanc 06:42 27 May 2014

Yes its all working properly

  BRYNIT 12:57 27 May 2014

Where is the high pitch noise coming from, is it coming from the case?

If the noise is coming from the PSU it could be about to fail.

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