My computer has a problem with Flash / buffering?

  ItsPatrickCarr 18:39 10 Jan 2014

OK, so recently, my Google Chrome had a problem, if I was watching a video, it would freeze every few seconds, I tried everything to fix it but didn't get anywhere. So I switched to Mozilla Firefox and everything was fine for a while. But now, when I watch YouTube videos, it will often only buffer to a 5th of the way through, and I have to click ahead for it to buffer any further.

If I watch videos on other websites, it's even worse, they'll buffer about a minute or so, but no further.

When watching Flash animations on Newgrounds and websites like that, the preloaders will often only get about a 3rd of the way through, and then I have to refresh it for them to get any further.

If anyone can identify this problem, that would be great, if anyone could give me a fix or a solution, I'd be grateful! :D

  rdave13 19:28 10 Jan 2014

Have you checked your download speed? Ookla speed tester is quite good.

  ItsPatrickCarr 20:50 10 Jan 2014

Thanks for the link. Took the test.

Ping: 15ms DL speed: 8.04 mbps. UL speed: 1.01 mbps.

Is this good or bad?

  rdave13 21:08 10 Jan 2014


Have you run Ccleaner? It will clear your cashe and history in default mode. It will include all your browsers. Just make sure you know your passwords and run it in default mode. Close your browsers before you run.

File Hippo link if you don't have it already.


  ItsPatrickCarr 21:50 10 Jan 2014

OK, if this doesn't help, I'll call some helplines or something, if still nothing, I'll get someone to look at it.

  rdave13 21:59 10 Jan 2014

ItsPatrickCarr , let us know if any better.

  ItsPatrickCarr 22:09 10 Jan 2014

I downloaded CCleaner and used it, no improvement. And I've never heard of Avast. But I'll look to see if it's there or not.

  ItsPatrickCarr 22:15 10 Jan 2014

Update: No sign of Avast being used on my Firefox, and also remember this is also on Google Chrome and IE, not just Firefox.

  rdave13 22:15 10 Jan 2014

ItsPatrickCarr , Avast is an antivirus program and you would know if it was installed or not. What security programs do you have? What ISP? What OS?

  ItsPatrickCarr 22:26 10 Jan 2014

Windows 8 64 bit

Here it is, it's discontinued, but the details are there. click here I have Norton Antivirus, it came free with an online game, I've heard it can be a problem, should I delete it. Other than that, I don't have any antivirus software apart from what's built in.

My ISP is EE, which sucks because they've blocked all the sites which i used to watch American TV shows. :/


  rdave13 22:53 10 Jan 2014

I personally can't believe the seller's claim

" Your looking at my Advent Monza T100 Laptop PC. This laptop is like new and has only been used a few times. It comes with Windows 8 64-bit installed and has 6GB RAM. It's fast, responsive and has a great battery life (around 3hrs). This is a great laptop for anyone wanting to multi-task to gaming. This laptop has been used for Photoshop, World of Warcraft and web searching. Has a HDMI port, Ethernet port, 3 USB ports and a multi card reader slot. Also has a DVD RW+ Drive. Its in excellent condition, I can't find any scratches at all! Comes with 2 original recovery disks, original Welcome pack and all it's original packing and box. Also comes with the original charger and battery. This is a great laptop for anyone. I am selling due to a Mac upgrade."


Laptop Memory:

Advent Processor Type:
Intel Celeron 847

Product Line:
Monza Processor Speed:

T100 Hard Drive Capacity:
320 GB

Screen Size:
15.6" Operating System:
Windows 8 64Bit

For the money, for a second hand machine, I would never have paid that much for it. Add a hundred squid and you would have a machine four times as good with a new guarantee.

Use Norton's removal tool to remove it and download a freebie AV.

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