My comp,the freezer

  bljublju 09:05 21 Apr 2012

Well i decided to post a question in this section,because my problem is now connected with Windows 7 x86(Had it on Xp x86 and Win7 x64).

The problem is next: Pc works properly,but when i enter some games(CoD MW3,Medal of Honor Airborne,Mass Effect 2),comp sometimes,looks like,gets it GPU ripped out.No BSOD,just black screen and monitor trying to find a source(analog/digital). Funny thing is,if i am on Skype i can still talk,Hamachi is on and running,everything works,more or less. First i thought it's a GPU or PSU problem.I used FurMark and stressed my card with 3 presets included with the software,but nothing happened.It passes all tests with temperature of nearly 110 celsius,just won't crash.I also tried Prime95 for CPU,after 2 hours,nothing.MemTest 86 and two hours of nothing.As i can see,my problem is games-only,so simple solution is stop gaming,but i don't wanna do that :D Sys specs: MB:GA MA 770 DS3 ver.1 Ram:2x1GB kingston Hyperx 800MHz GPU:Gigabyte 3870 HD 512 gddr3 CPU:Amd Phenom 3core 8650 Socket AM2 HDD:Hitachi 500GB Sata2 PSU:MS Pro 550W OS:Win 7 Ultimate SP1 x86 Any help is appricieted,if anything more is needed let me know. Thx in advance.

  johndrew 10:13 21 Apr 2012

Either the games are not compatible with your system or you are trying to run them at a higher resolution than the PC is capable of or the software designed for or there is other conflicting software on the PC. Check the Event Viewer to determine what reports exist during loading attempts.

  bljublju 10:55 21 Apr 2012

Well it's the same,whatever res i choose 640480 or 1440900.I looked in the Event's and found nothing special.3 mins ago i tried CoD MW3 1280*720 no AA,no AF etc. and managed to play for 3 mins :D.In Event's theres only Critical Kernel Power error,because i had to shut down the comp,prior to that,not a single error(Just EventLog logged a shutdown),not even a warning.I,though,have a few errors regarding that hidden AODDriver 4.1 in Device Menager,but not in time of playing,and i do have an error few seconds after shutdown "Audit events have been droped by the transport 0.",one warning,about guard32.dll and,again,two AODDriver errors

  KRONOS the First 19:44 21 Apr 2012

You have an absolutely rubbish GPU for gaming, the temperatures you are getting are far to high. The graphics card cannot handle the games you are throwing at it. Upgrade if you want to play decent games.

Ther AOD error message is related to the AMD Overdrive: AMD Overdrive.

  bljublju 11:06 22 Apr 2012


Well this problem may occure on a $10k comp,but solving problem is not in ignoring it.I wouldn't come to this site and post a thread if i wanted to buy a new comp.Buying is easy,solve it if u can. As written before GPU PASSED FurMark stress test,and the temperatures were the result of the 100% load for a long time.And if u saw how it works,u can see some complex graph to be executed.On any GPU,even newer than mine,temperatures go skyhigh,but that's not the point.I don't even use half of it's potential since large amount of todays games have pretty nice engines to play on,so u don't need $2k GPU's to play a "decent game".And besides,i'm not a spender,i had 3 comps in the last 20 years,and played a lot of games,with problem i could manage on my own.This is the first one that bugs me,because i can't.

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