My CD doesn't show up on the monitor

  skromfols 23:52 26 Jan 2013

When I insert a music CD nothing shows up on my monitor. If I got to computer, and click on Drive D it tells me to insert a disk, which I do, and still nothing shows up on my monitor. I've been using this system to load CD's into Itunes and it's always worked, but all of a sudden it stopped working. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  SillBill 23:57 26 Jan 2013

This may be a long shot, but try removing the power cable completely from the computer (after shutting it down, of course) wait for 30-60 seconds then power up again, this will reload all drivers and hopefully that was/is your problem.

  alanrwood 12:26 27 Jan 2013

If you put a data disk in the drive does it show up then in Windows Explorer (not Internet Explorer)

  skromfols 16:53 27 Jan 2013

alanrwood, I hadn't thought of trying that. Yes, I inserted a data disk and the date came up on the screen.

  skromfols 16:54 27 Jan 2013

I also tried loading a disk with picture and it showed up also.

  lotvic 17:09 27 Jan 2013

If the CD drive D: reads all other cd's then it sounds like that particular music cd is faulty, try a different music cd in drive D: - one that you know to be okay (it plays on other equipment) also try the 'might be faulty' cd in other equipment.

  skromfols 18:51 27 Jan 2013

Thanks to everyone for your assistance. I tried another music CD and it worked, so I very carefully examined the CD that wasn't working and found a small piece of transparent tape on the shiny side (which I hadn't examined previously). I carefully removed the tape and the CD now loads properly.

  alanrwood 19:27 27 Jan 2013

Glad it is sorted.

  lotvic 20:19 27 Jan 2013

Sorted, good. You can green tick this thread by clicking on any of the big grey ticks on the right of a post and it will turn green. Next time page is refreshed Thread will be marked 'Resolved'

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