MSN Homepage unstable

  pcforum007 21:28 10 Feb 2012

Hi everyone,

I have recently noticed the MSN homepage will overide at random any other website I am viewing.This is VERY annoying if I happen to be filling a form out, or buying something online. I must have sent at least 5 or 6 e-mails to MSN but have been totally ignored so-far. In fact whilst typing this it has already returned to homepage and I had to toggle back to continue writing!!!I am using a Dell inspiron pc with pre-loaded windows 7 and ie9. This has only started happening in the last month or so and I haven,t installed any new software to cause this. Can anyone help fix this problem.

  difarn 21:54 10 Feb 2012

Do you have MSN as your homepage? You could try changing this.

Go to your desired browser homepage, select Tools --> Internet Options --> General. Select "use current page."

Do you need MSN Explorer? There may be some kind of conflict between it and IE9.

  Ibanez2010 03:25 11 Feb 2012

Do you have any toolbars installed like MSN or Bing? Check your installed programs list. If so, uninstall them.

  pcforum007 07:19 11 Feb 2012

Hi Difarn,

I have had MSN as my homepage for some years now without problems, so what is suddenly causing this ?

  pcforum007 07:23 11 Feb 2012

Hi Ibanez 2010,

I have Bing as the search engine but up to now never had a problem. I wonder if I should delete all MSN data and start anew with another homepage and just go to MSN website for my e-mails. Can you recommend anything ?

  difarn 08:21 11 Feb 2012

I assume that you are using the version of IE9 optimised for Bing and MSN? There are quite a few articles about problems with this. Have a look at this article explaining how to get rid of your present version of IE9 - it will then roll back to the previous version - if that was IE8 then you can update it to IE9 if you want but choose the stand alone version, without the Bing Bar.

When you have done this you can still have MSN as your home page if you want.

This should remove the Bing Bar/MSN homepage - if not you will have to manually remove/change them.

If you are talking about Hotmail/Windows Live you don't have to go to MSN to access these. I just have a shortcut to Hotmail on my address bar.

  pcforum007 11:01 11 Feb 2012

Hi Difarn,

Thanks for the heads up. I will follow your info and hopefully this will resovle the issue.

  difarn 12:40 11 Feb 2012

Good luck.

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