MS Office 10

  boots1942 16:46 25 Oct 2008

I now run Windows XP SP3. I use MS Office 10. does it work with Vista.

Second question is that i hear MS will come out with a new operation system.

I'm retired on a very fixed income can't aford all these upgrades.



  brundle 16:52 25 Oct 2008

A; Yes
B; If what you have does what you need, you don't have to upgrade. Updates for your current version of Windows are supplied free by Microsoft.

  boots1942 18:42 25 Oct 2008

I understand after 2014 no more support for Windows XP. then do i need to update or keep going with what i have.


  Pine Man 16:23 28 Oct 2008

First of all an 'Upgrade' is a change of operating system and an 'Update' is a change to an existing operating system.

All the time Microsoft supports XP you don't need to Upgrade to a new operating system BUT you MUST update your installation of XP from Windows Update regularly to maintain your security.

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