Moving photo's "Date taken" into its EXIF data

  Jojikiba 10:08 08 Dec 2007

I have input "Date taken" info in some photos in my "Pictures" folder.

Is there a way I can automatically copy that "Date taken" data into the JPEG's EXIF data?

  anskyber 10:17 08 Dec 2007

Is it not already there, right click the pic, properties and details tab? Or have I misunderstood your question?

  Jojikiba 11:09 08 Dec 2007

OK I found a way to do something similar, which is use that "date taken" data to rename the jpeg file.

1. Download a trial of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom at
click here
2. Once you’ve installed the application go to File>Import photos from disk
and import all your photos.
3. Click on the row of photos and the bottom of the screen and press control + a to select them all.
4. Go to Library>Rename photo and under “File Naming” select “Date-Filename”
5. That’s it! I’ve been wanting to find a way to do that for ages, it’s like scratching an itch!

  P1d 12:19 08 Dec 2007

Not too sure if it does what you want it to do but I use Microsoft's PhotoInfo available if you click here

A very good tool available from the right click menu, saves opening up other software which can hog your machine.

Hope it's useful.


  Jojikiba 12:41 08 Dec 2007

Thx I will check it out.

By the way, I made in mistake in my earlier post. To get your photos into Lightroom go to Library>New Folder and then select your photos.

  Jojikiba 02:06 09 Dec 2007


  hssutton 21:46 12 Dec 2007

As anskyber mentioned the "Date Taken" is already embedded within the images exif.

Lightroom is essentially a "Raw" convertor with it's own database (collections) As you input and process your files these can be allocated a label, such as month, wildlife,landscape, or my holiday etc.

Subsequent additions can be simply dragged into a suitable "Collection"
All these Titles are listed down the lefthand side when in library mode.

A simple mouse click will then bring up all images within that collection, which renders the "my Picture" folder redundant.

However if you are only shooting in Jpeg then Lightroom is a little overkill, easpecially at £170 and also considering tyhat such as picassa is free.

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