moving Documents folder to diferent location

  sheila.weston 20:32 16 Apr 2009

My Toshiba Vista laptop has its drive partitioned into a C:\ drive - which is intended for programs etc - and an E:\ drive which is intended for Data.

I have just realised that the users\sheila\documents file is in the C:\ drive. How can I move this to the E:\ drive? I would like to backup the DOCUMENTS folder as one operation. As it is I have my Expression Web websites and Family History data on the E:\ drive, as I want, but the m/s office files are in the Documents folder on the C:\ drive.

To add to the confusion, I now notice that the EW and FH files appear to be duplicated in both locations.

I might add that I have never used the MY DOCUMENTS folder with my previous XP PC. I saved all my data in separate folders on a partitioned section of the second HD. Perhaps I should do the same here.

Thanks, as always.

  sheila.weston 20:56 16 Apr 2009

I have just noticed that there is another folder with a path desktop>documents> which has folders and files for EW, Excel, Office etc. I suspect that they are carbon copies of the users/sheila data??

  BRYNIT 21:58 16 Apr 2009

Create a folder on E: drive

Office 2007 open word click on Office button (top left) word options/save from here you can indicate the drive/folder to save docs.

Office 2003 Open word click on tools/options/file location click on documents/modify and direct it to drive/folder to save docs.

  Jim_F 12:05 17 Apr 2009

If you right click on the 'My Documents' folder you should see a tab for location - this can be changed to your preferred location and should also change all references within the operating system.

Some applications are designed to store data anywhere (ie on networks or portable drives) so these would need to be set individually as above. If you want mail files on E: you will probably have to set this up from your mail application - certainly the case for Outlook.

  sheila.weston 20:48 17 Apr 2009

Many thanks, both. Starting with Word 2007, I have changed the location for the default file location to E:\Documents. I can leave the locations for the autorecover and Server Drafts in the default location on the c:\ drive, can't I? I have done the same for Excel and changed the location for the default file location to E:\Documents.

However, in the Documents folder which I have just created on the E:\ drive, shouldn't there be folders now showing for Excel and Word? Or should I create new folders - I think not?

  sheila.weston 10:33 18 Apr 2009

Looking at this again this morning, if I right-click on Documents, in window explorer, and select properties - under the General tab the target location is sheila. The Target box has c:\users\sheila\documents. Can I change the target box to E:\Documents, without messing things up? or does it have to have the users\sheila?

  sheila.weston 11:30 18 Apr 2009

Later - I think I have done it! BUT if i right click Documents in Windows Explorer (ie at the top, under Favourite Links), I notice that under the shortcut key tab it has E:\ as the location, which is what i want. However, under the General key as the location it has C:\users\sheila\links. Is this correct?

Which location do I use when I want to backup to an external hard drive? All the Word and other folders show up as being on the E:\ partition.

  sheila.weston 11:54 18 Apr 2009

Shouldn't the Excel, Word and other folders have moved their location as well? Apparently not, as when I try to reopen a recently used file in Excel, I am told that the file cannot be found, so I have to hunt for it in the new location. Ah well, too much to hope for, I suppose. Many thanks for your help. I'll mark this as resolved.

  Jim_F 23:48 18 Apr 2009

Sorry - I hadn't spotted your replies. (Busy on house repairs !)

Changing the location of 'My Documents' folder as I described will make this the default location but the Office applications have their own way of storing file locations - for instance Word has a tab under 'tools' - 'options' where you can specify 'file locations'. The reason Excel amd Word don't work this way is that they are designed to support network storage so the location of your local folders would not matter.

I hope this helps :)

  sheila.weston 17:05 19 Apr 2009

Yes, fine - many thanks.

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