Move Users Folder To Another Drive

  Rob_08 03:07 01 Nov 2009

whats the best method for relocating my users folder to Another Hard disk when i finally install Windows 7 ? I dont want files photos and music on my sys partition i want it on D:
Thanks guys and girls.

  MIke 07:36 01 Nov 2009

Don't know if you can move the users folder , I just moved the folders I actually use i.e favorites,documents, pictures etc. It's quite easy just open up your user folder then right click on the folder in question you want to move select properties click loctation tab then move button, then choose the destination folder (easiest way is to create beforehand in location you want) then finaly click oK

  MIke 07:45 01 Nov 2009

click here

For someone's idea of how this may be performed, just his theory. Looks a bit of a faff to me. I'd stick with just moving the individual folders which can be moved.

  MIke 07:54 01 Nov 2009

click here

Another method used in Vista. Doesn't look like there is an easy way to do this at all!!

  MIke 07:59 01 Nov 2009

Forgot to mention when you do move the folders you may be left with two folders in your Username location one with the special icon which will refer to your new location and one plain icon folder, which can be deleted, though I had to re-boot before I could remove it.

  MIke 09:14 01 Nov 2009

click here
Shown for Vista but same procedure in 7

  Rob_08 12:08 01 Nov 2009

Thanks for all the time you took to help Mike, i know about moving folders by changing location, just wondered if there was an easy way to relocate Users ,but seems there isnt due to the registry strings and it is a real faff to do it the other way. Seems Microsoft are still light years behind in this respect and surely by now they know a lot of people want this folder on a seperate partition for ease of backing up and reinstalling Windows. But Yeah, just relocating docs favs music etc will do. Itll do what i want without screwing up any deeper Windows settings.
Cheers Mike and thanks again.

  MIke 12:22 01 Nov 2009

No probs, was interested in trying to do this myself. Of course if you are the sole user of the PC then you don't really need to even bother with the special folders in the Username folder. You can just create your own folders for photos music etc on your separate drive or partition and ONLY save your stuff in those. With the libraries function in Win 7 you can view everything in one place, even if you have photos/music etc on more than one drive or partition.

It would be nice though if MS allowed you to select a partition on install for your data, another area where Linux is ahead of the game allowing you to install your home and swap file on separate partitions to your OS.

Be so nice if MS put a location tab on the Users folder though and allowed us to move it easily.

Good luck with Win 7 I like it a lot, but still not quite perfect as we see with attempting to do something as move a system folder.

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