Mouse won't work! :(

  Mike Skinner 13:25 07 Sep 2007

Hi there, first time poster.

My laptop is a Dell Inspiron 6400, purchased in March of this year. My OS is Vista Home Premium 32 bit.

When I purchased my laptop, I also bought a PC Line optical mouse from PC World, model no. PCL-WIO1.

At first it worked fine. Auto-installed, worked perfect for months.

Recently however it's started acting up. It won't work in some of my USB ports, and the one('s) in which it does work the connection is unstable and prone to cutting out altogether if the laptop is moved.

I've updated the driver via the device manager and still the problem persists.

Furthermore, I recently purchased another PC Line mouse in Dixons, thinking my current mouse was damaged, and it doesn't even install. Apparantly the driver is located but an error occurs due to a Win95 INF or something.

The kicker is that when I returned the mouse to Dixons and they tried it on one of their display machines, it worked instantly.

I would have thought that the problem lies with my USB connections, but I have tested my iPod and Xbox 360 controller wireless receiver in all 4 ports, and both devices work fine, no problems. It's only with mice that I'm hitting a brick wall.

Anyone have any advice/suggestions/solutions/remedies for me?

  skidzy 17:06 07 Sep 2007

Hello Mike and welcome to the forum.

Here you may receive several replies that will give you various options,take heed and try the options posted.

Ok,i have this feeling it could be a Microsoft update issue.

Firstly you could try system restore taking the system back to before the problem arose.

Im limited to what advice to give at the moment as im on an xp machine and not at the Vista.

You maybe able to try a repair by tapping F11 or F10 normally on startup,this should bring up three options.

1) Restore to factory settings (destructive) all data will be lost.

2) Repair windows saving data.

3) Repair windows without saving data.

Maybe listed slightly different.

Or refresh all usb ports:

Enter Device Manager and uninstall everything under usb headings and reboot,Vista will reinstall the Generic drivers for the machine.

It certainly sounds like a driver issue over hardware.
Does device manager show any yellow exclaimation marks ?

  Mike Skinner 11:43 10 Sep 2007

Thank you very much for your reply. I was actually on to a Dell technician last week, and he seemed to think it was a Windows update, driver incompatability issue also.

Just now, on a whim, I plugged in the mouse, opened the device manager and selected "Roll Back Driver". And wouldn't you know it, the mouse appears to be working perfectly again!

  Mike Skinner 09:44 12 Sep 2007

Maybe I spoke too soon? Mouse connection still seems a tad volatile. Will still terminate every so often if the computer is moved. Sometimes if I plug out and in again the driver will update itself meaning I have to start again and roll it back... Either way, it's now working on the whole, save for the odd blip here and there, and at least I now know it's a driver problem and nothing to do with my hardware, so that's something I guess. I can rest relatively easily in the hope that MS are aware of the issue and that it'll be resolved someday...

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