Moral courage required

  thospot 20:36 03 Apr 2007

I bought a Medion 8818 last January and I took advantage of obtaining the Vista upgrade with it, just 20 Euro.

I have had the disc now for several weeks but have not yet plucked up the courage to try to install it..

I have downloaded the Vista Home Premium Task List and I don't think there is too much on there for me to worry about..

I keep reading about it to gain as much knowledge as I can but I am still none the wiser..

I wonder if someone can tell me, without going into detail just how easy or hard it really is bearing in mind that I can get confused switching it on sometimes.

Could someone talk in General terms, no specifics. If that is possible..

  thospot 21:42 03 Apr 2007

Just imagine we are in the dressing room, it's half time and we are loosing 1-0. And you are Brian Clough..

Any help?..

  anskyber 21:44 03 Apr 2007

If all else fails it will roll back to XP.

I did an upgrade. I looked very carefully at the upgrade advisor and uninstalled all doubtful software. I was careful about things like anti virus. My chosen security suite Zonealarm for example is not yet Vista compliant.

I then did the upgrade install. It took about 2 hours and my heart was in my mouth at times. At the other end I had Vista. My printer, scanner, webcam and the like all worked.

It's really helpful if you are online during the process. Vista will ask you to check for updates and install any available drivers for you if you are on line. If you have an old modem you may need to get the updated Vista drivers. If you connect by a modem/router via ethernet, it will be fine.

I am so glad I did it. Just jump, it's worth it!

  thospot 21:53 03 Apr 2007

Thanks very much anskyber. A couple more like yours and

  thospot 21:57 03 Apr 2007

I don't know what happened there. I was half way through typing my reply..

As I was saying. Thanks very much anskyber. A couple more replies like yours and I might feel like asking a few of the neccessary technical questions.
I know that I am going to jump in at some point and that is what I am after.. The courage..

  anskyber 22:46 03 Apr 2007

I spent a good deal of time before the jump telling myself that it was completely unneeded, XP is good and stable and all things worked well.

I cannot pretend to be able to answer all questions but between us here I see a good body of knowledge building up already.

To be honest much of what I had concerns about simply did not materialise. I worried for quite a while about drivers, ISP compatibility, and mostly about my own ability to get myself out of a pickle if I found myself going under.

I took comfort from the fact that with reasonable preparation it should work. It did.

  thospot 23:01 03 Apr 2007

Once again I must thank you for your words of encouragement anskyber. They are already having an effect. It's a pity that it is this time of the night because it is my bedtime now and my wife is already hovering. If you know what I mean.

I will check this thread tomorrow and see if there is anything else for me to pick up on.

Thanks again and good night..

  Ashrich 23:51 03 Apr 2007

A good idea would be to have a look around the Internet first to get the latest Vista drivers for any hardware in your PC and burn them to a CD or DVD so you have them to hand in case they are asked for , not everything is built into Vista and they could be handy in case Vista cannot find them for you . If you have run the upgrade advisor and you are happy that nothing is incompatible then as anskyber says , Go for it ! Vista is a good OS and is very stable considering it is a new piece of software , also it might be wise to defragment the hard drive before installation , best of luck .


  thospot 14:03 04 Apr 2007

Sorry about the big delay. I've had company this morning..Urrgh.

I will be trying all the suggestions that are given to me later tonight.
Finding drivers and then burn them on to a cd will be new to me, consequently it will take me quite a time to get it sorted.
I don't want to be too negative but what if they ask for new drivers and I can't find any. What happens then.. Goodby hardware?..
By the way my Virus Checker is PCCillin but I am using Windows fire wall...
I will start now with defragmenting my drives...

Thanks for your support so far...

  anskyber 14:44 04 Apr 2007

This is quite a handy here If you choose hardware from it there are endless lists of Vista compliant hardware. For example your video card the NVIDIA Ge Force 7650S is fine. There are also drivers for it so all should be well.

It means come the time Vista goes on line (if it's not on the install disc) during Vista install it will find the drivers and load them for you. If other drivers are required for external hardware they will also be found or generic drivers will be used by Vista.

My webcam worked fine on XP drivers until the Vista ones were released. With such a new machine as yours all should be well.

Go for it, but be patient there are long periods during the install when you might be tempted to think the world has ended. One thing I noticed for example was how long it seemed to stay on a screen saying something was initialising. I mean it seemed like age eeeeees.

  Totally-braindead 16:00 04 Apr 2007

Personally I would check that all the drivers are available for your motherboard, printer, scanner, graphics card etc. And if they aren't there I would delay it.
No drivers means problems.
If the drivers are there then fair enough but do back up anything you need just in case things do go pear shaped.

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