Microsoft Windows 7 Family Pack

  InTheCity 16:54 05 Nov 2009

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how does this work? is it any 3 computers at any one time?.
Im Buying a couple of new laptops for kids xmas. If I install W7 on their current xp pcs .could I install W7 on the new laptops as long as the hd is wiped and xp put back on there existing pcs.?

  gengiscant 18:16 05 Nov 2009

You can put Windows 7 on three of your PCs, will not the new laptops come with W7 installed? if not this 3 license will let you put W7 on the laptops and one other PC.

  chub_tor 18:19 05 Nov 2009

My experience with the 3 license version of Office 2003 is that you are OK to do as you are suggesting with Windows7 but a couple of times in the past I have had to call Microsoft to get the activation accepted. As long as you have it on no more than 3 machines at any one time you should be OK.

  InTheCity 19:36 05 Nov 2009

thanks both.
The laptops I am considering are without o/s
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  JayDay 19:40 05 Nov 2009

The Family Pack allows you to install Windows 7 on three computers.

I have installed the family pack on three computers in my house, all activated no problem.

  InTheCity 20:33 05 Nov 2009

"The Family Pack allows you to install Windows 7 on three computers"
It will be only be on 3 computers just not the same 3 computers at any one time,Ive only ever had oem xp before thats tied to the machine,so im presuming i can install it on any 3 as long as its 3 but the hardware will differ etc.

  chub_tor 13:05 06 Nov 2009

Retail versions such as you have will allow you to install them on 3 machines at any one time regardless of the hardware etc. At least that is my experience with Office 2003 where over the years my 3 licenses have been installed on several different PCs. I have been scrupulous in removing them from machines no longer in use but on one occasion I did have to call Microsoft where an automated system allowed me to activate.

  gigagiggles 08:42 07 Nov 2009

"The laptops I am considering are without o/s"

i hope the family pack is NOT the cheaper upgrade version. that would require an installed, activated windows license to upgrade from.

anyways, since the current pc's are xp, the family pack will be clean installs on a separate drive or partition. keeping the recovery partition or disks secure, let the kids play with the win7 but don't activate. as the 30 days come to an end, either find ways to extend the trial period another 30 days or delete and return to xp status.

then, they can't wait until they get their win7 xmas presents with activations posing no difficulties!

  JayDay 18:34 07 Nov 2009

The family pack is the upgrade version

  InTheCity 20:18 07 Nov 2009

Thanks guys it appears from the replies that the upgrade is not for me.Looks like buy laptops with o/s onboard and buy more memory at the price point im looking at.

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