Microsoft tells firms to give up on Windows Vista

  ambra4 15:11 18 May 2009

Microsoft tells firms to give up on Windows Vista

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  Pineman100 16:21 18 May 2009

Thanks ambra4 - I hadn't spotted that.

A while ago there was talk that people buying new Vista computers in the pre-Windows 7 period would be given the right to a free upgrade when Windows 7 arrives.

Have you heard any more about this?

  ambra4 17:23 18 May 2009

Vista to Windows 7 upgrade date and details revealed

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  sunnystaines 08:27 19 May 2009

what happened to the article pca posted about ultimate users may get free upgrade has that bit the dust now.

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  Pineman100 10:51 20 May 2009

for that second link. I'm likely to buy a new computer in the next three months or so, so the upgrade thing is interesting.

Mind you, I can't say I'm 100% comfortable about being an early W7 user. I usually like to let things settle down for about 6 months before using a new version of Windows.

But can I resist the urge to buy for that long?!

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