Microsoft Seem to Admit it.

  ulrich 19:00 25 Sep 2007

It seems I was not the only one who wasn't impressed with Vista, luckily I didn't spend my money to find out according to the news in PC Advisor.

  J B 20:42 25 Sep 2007

The only comment I will make on this subject is that I am relatively pleased with Vista. I am not a gamer or a fan of itunes. Vista does what I want it to do and that is good enough for me. One thing is apparent though, Vista Home Premium has been left out of Microsoft's little equation. Either they don't care about us that have premium or the ones who run Ultimate or Business are finding their versions less than satisfactory, either way, if MS doesn't get a move on there will be a lot of defectors to the Apple platform. Just think about it for a minute, One operating system for all and if you don't want that Linux is the other choice. Oh well, maybe one day it will be like that, who knows. J.B.

  phoenix198 23:02 25 Sep 2007

Vista works well for me, and I'd probably dislike going back to XP now that I have adjusted to Vista's GUI. But if you're happy with XP that's entirely your choice ...

Can't see why you started this thread, though.

  Forum Editor 23:14 25 Sep 2007

What are you talking about?

  ulrich 11:13 26 Sep 2007

FE when you come on to the site, I come on the news, it stated "Windows Vista users given XP restore discs", I will let you read the rest as I have obviously misread it. PC Advisor site in case you misunderstood that.

  ulrich 18:09 27 Sep 2007

Do you know what I am talking about now?

  Forum Editor 00:10 28 Sep 2007

but that has always been available for users of the business and Ultimate versions of Vista. What's new is that Microsoft is allowing manufacturers to bundle a Win XP DVD with Vista machines if they want to.

The downgrade option is mainly aimed at business customers, not home users.

  al7478 19:34 28 Sep 2007

the tone of the article, especially towards the end, certainly indicates that vista isnt worthy. seems to be the opinion of the author too. and im not sure how you justify the claim that its mainly a measure for business customers, as many individuals, as the article says, are not going to buy big brand pcs.

by the by, im kind of just being argumentative for the sake of interest really. i have no axe to grind with vista - i agree that if you havent ran it for a long time, you cant comment, and i havent.

Nor do i have anything against big brands (altho i often question that). i have a dell, how could i?

OK FE, put me in my place ;)!

  Forum Editor 10:12 29 Sep 2007

I wouldn't dream of doing that.

  tullie 13:29 29 Sep 2007

What a lot of garbage,Vista is fine,maybe in some cases its the user?
Lets give the Vista bashing a rest ,its geting boring

  al7478 14:15 29 Sep 2007

o darn it! i was just curious, im really not looking to get in to a heated debate. its good to have these things explained by one who understands better than i.

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