Microsoft may replace Internet Explorer?

  john bunyan 11:09 20 Mar 2015

It is suggested that MS will replace IE with "Spartan" when W 10 is launched. I personally have had no problems with IE 11 and use it exclusively. Also my aging desktop (W7 64 bit) will not, apparently work on W8 , never mind W10. It looks as if, if due course if W10 and Spartan become the norm and MS drops support for W7 , many of us with very good hardware will be forced to buy new PC's.


  rdave13 16:28 20 Mar 2015

The extended support for Windows 7 is until January 14, 2020 , from here so still 5 years to go. I wouldn't bother with Windows 8 now as it's a possibility Windows 10 might be out earlier than October. They're already changing things in IE 11 on the tech preview. I would wait until 10 becomes available so they'll possibly bring out an upgrade assistant program for 10 that will check the compatibility of your computer?

I'm running 10 on a very old laptop. Single core Celeron, 2 gig ram and a 80 gig hard drive. 32-bit version. No webcam and microphone so can't run Cortana :(

  rdave13 16:31 20 Mar 2015

PS, I always create an image before I upgrade Windows, just in case. I've been lucky with this old Compaq, upgraded from the original Vista to 7 then 8 and 8.1 and now the beta 10. Not once did I have to restore from an image.

  john bunyan 18:42 20 Mar 2015

Thanks. I like 64 bit for the added RAM, so will stay on W7 on my desktop as you suggest ,as it is unsuitable for W8

  rdave13 20:04 20 Mar 2015

How is it unsuitable for 8? Is it the upgrade advisor that shows this?

  john bunyan 20:28 20 Mar 2015


Yes, the upgrade advisor says "Cannot use CompareExchange128" , even on W8, never mind W 8.1

Processor AMD Athlon (tm)64 x2 Dual Core processor 4400+, motherboard eveshamvale MS- 7185

Mr Google implied problems with some older AMD processors and W8. The same source suggested it may run on 32 bit , so if correct I will use w7 as you suggested as I am happy with it and like the extra RAM (Photoshop CS5)

  rdave13 02:12 21 Mar 2015

Processor not compatible then. Might be for Windows 10 but if not, another 5 years isn't bad on top of the age of the PC (what ever it is). I assume this is the upgrade assistant you used, windows-8/upgrade-assistant , so worth waiting to see if Windows 10 will be able to run on an older CPU in 64-bit.

You never know.

  john bunyan 09:51 21 Mar 2015


That was it, the update assistant. I also make images, and clones sometimes. I am in no hurry on the old Evesham desktop (2006!! - £1800 !!) as it is going strong on W7 64 bit. Thanks for your advice. I will get used to w8.1 and 10 on grand daughter's laptops!

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