Microphone on Vista

  gawk 05:46 20 Aug 2007

I have a lot of local help, but no one has yet been able to resolve this problem. The mic will not work on Vista. The new style control panel does not lead to any helpful solution.
The OS is Home Premium Vista. Two mics do work OK on XPPro. I have notbeen able to download a possible update to resolve the issue

  Forum Editor 06:58 20 Aug 2007

if there's an updated driver for your sound card? That may be the cause of the problem.

  gawk 10:12 20 Aug 2007

Tnx. No sound card. M/board ASUSP5VD2-VFM
Speaker drive OK, mic is nothing.
Where do I go now?

  gawk 11:23 20 Aug 2007

Tnx Beta. Did that but got nowhere after tick on both 'show'. there was nothing to connect/upgrade/or go to.
Is the only solution to put in a sound cartd?

  gawk 00:12 21 Aug 2007

OK Beta. Have now gone online tech support ASUS
Await their reply with interest

  gawk 11:12 24 Aug 2007

OK Beta. Asus acknowledged, but did not give a satisfactory solution

  ian3 12:44 24 Aug 2007

I've pc's running Vista HP (few weeks) and XP Pro. What I've found with my collection of mics is that all work with XP but only a odd ones work with Vista. May be time for a new Vista approved one.

  gawk 00:11 25 Aug 2007

Tnx Ian3. Yes! my XPPro is very OK. 2mics will not work on VistaHP. perhaps as you say a Vista approved mic may be be the solution. BUT MSVista should get its techno factory to do the right thing with its geeks.

  Kate B 00:56 25 Aug 2007

Well, actually, it's up to the hardware manufacturers to make their kit compatible with Vista, not the other way round. You should however just be able to plug a mic in to the appropriate slot - I'm sure it's a driver issue. Have you downloaded the latest drivers for your motherboard from click here?

  gawk 03:03 25 Aug 2007

OK Kate, I did go to [email protected] but there answer was unsatisfactory. I might mail them again and "complain". They should be able to provide an updated driver for my m/board which is REV1 for Vista

  Kate B 11:34 25 Aug 2007

There's no driver for your board? That's a shame, but think about it from Asus's point of view. You have an old mobo, presumably in an old PC. Do they spend their limited R&D budget on a) endlessly creating drivers for ancient, obsolete and no longer obtainable motherboards (I've got one of those too, incidentally), or do they b) spend their limited R&D budget on developing new motherboards to make the most of developments in technology, which in turn will assure their continued revenue stream? Bit obvious, don't you think?

The downside is that occasionally someone such as yourself finds that he can no longer get a driver. Which might make you think "hmm, praps it's time I had a new mobo, or even a new PC". Which is of course a win for Asus, as you end up buying a new one and they get your money.

Now, there's a long philosophical debate to be had about the general evilness of tech companies not supporting their ancient hardware and the feeling that you, the punter, is trapped on an endless cycle of money-spending, but then you wouldn't expect Ford still to support the Model T, would you?

So your choices are a) live without a microphone b) see if there's some kind of bodge such as a USB headset/mic or mic/camera (there is, Logitech does a USB webcam with a mic in it - I've got one) c) buy a new mobo and upgrade your existing PC or d) buy a new PC. Any of those will solve your problem, but not in the way you expected. Your choice, but I would advise not wasting time and energy on complaining to Asus because it's not going to do anything and it will just make you cross.

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