Memory upgrade. I am amazed at the difference.

  mooly 18:03 14 Dec 2008

Last week I upped the memory in my Acer notebook from 1 gb to 2 gb.
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I am amazed at the difference in performance, mainly start up times, which are now around 90 secs for the full desktop and sidebar to appear and to get online. It was nearer 3 or 4 minutes before and then with a lot of HDD and slowing down for the first few minutes. Shutdown, well thats quick, a couple of secs for the desktop to collapse and around 30 secs in total to fully shut down. Again this was nearer 90 to 120 secs before.

  tullie 22:03 14 Dec 2008

Thats one of the reasons for getting it

  mooly 07:21 15 Dec 2008

I had posted a week or so back that this forum caused a lot of HDD activity and slowing/freezing of the system, the main culprit looking like my FSecure package going into overdrive. The FSecure activity continues of course but there is little impact now - brilliant.

  Covergirl 23:06 16 Dec 2008

. . . I had a 486sx processor with 4MB RAM and Win 3.1 and the MS Access wizard took 'minutes' to move from step to step. Fitted 8MB and the transition was instant.

Since then I've advocated more memory for anything performance related (and suspectedly under specified) and it usually works.

Herein lies one of the biggest lessons in PC performance.

  mooly 07:20 17 Dec 2008

Very true it seems.

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