Memory Hard Faults

  olyman 09:10 04 Oct 2008

When I run the Resource Monitor from Task Manager > Performance it reports quite a number of Hard Faults in the memory section, from time to time. Does this indicate a problem with the memory?

  skidzy 09:24 04 Oct 2008

Possibly !

Used Physical Memory,what percentage is being used ?

You may have failing ram or not enough installed.

Download Memtest click here

Use Nero or similar,if you do not have Nero,Imgburn will do the same job click here and burn the Memtest download as an ISO image.

You may need to change your bios boot order to boot from cd as opposed to harddrive.

Once this is done insert the Memtest iso disc and reboot the computer.
This will now diagnose your ram,if this fails it will tell you of errors.

Let Memtest run at least 10 tests.

  skidzy 09:24 04 Oct 2008

Im off out now will pop in later to see how you got along.
Good luck.

  olyman 10:20 04 Oct 2008

Thanks skidzy.
I ran into a problem when I downloaded your program
It's in a GZip file which I couldn't open.
I was surprised to find that WinZip and WinRAR had disappeared from my pc. Also I had thought that Vista had it's own unzipper.
Whilst searching my pc for unzipping programs I found a Windows Memory Diagnostic Tool as part of Vista. This found no problems when I ran it but I suspect that your program may be more rigorous. I'll try it when I locate a Zip program

  olyman 10:25 04 Oct 2008

I forgot to say that about 55% of 2Gb memory is being used

  skidzy 13:26 04 Oct 2008

My apologies,i posted the wrong link.Try this one click here

No need to unzip the file.

Install Imgburn
open Imgburn and select write image file to disc.
Place a cd in the drive.
In Imgburn ,Please select a file.
Next to the green plus sign click and navigate to your saved iso of Memtest and right click and open.This will now change to an Orange disc.Highlight this by clicking once and select open..

This is now ready to burn.
Then check your bios is set to boot from cd.Place the iso disc in the tray and reboot the computer.

As said earlier,let memtest run at least 10 tests.

  olyman 14:34 04 Oct 2008

I had already downloaded WinRAR and extracted from your previous link and run the program for an hour and got no errors reported.

I have now made an ISO disc from your second link.
I'll boot from it later and do an overnight test.

Thanks for your help.

  brundle 14:38 04 Oct 2008

Hard faults are not hardware faults, nothing to worry about; click here

A hard fault (also known as a page fault) occurs when the page of the referenced address is no longer in physical memory and has been swapped out or is available from a backing file on disk. It is not an error. However, a high number of hard faults may explain the slow response time of an application if it must continually read data back from disk rather than from physical memory.

  olyman 15:33 04 Oct 2008

Interesting. It's a pity MS don't define these things at the source and save a lot of wasted time.

  skidzy 17:07 04 Oct 2008

Ive just been following up on Brundles advice (excellent as usual).

How many hard faults are listed ?
If these are the same faults and are indeed cached faults been swapped out,it maybe an idea to disable Superfetch.
Superfetch caches your most used programs for faster loading and usage.This is a new feature in Vista and not to be confused with xp prefetch though similar.

You have nothing to lose by disabling Superfetch for a day or two and again monitor those hard faults.

Im not saying Superfetch and the way it caches is your problem,but this is something i would consider looking into.

To disable Superfetch;

Start and type
and enter.
Agree to UAC prompts.
Scroll through to Superfetch,highlight and stop the service.
Reboot the computer and start monitoring the faults.

Superfetch can be configured to cache boot files only,personally i would not worry about this but is something else to consider.

A couple of links to enlighten you;
click here

click here

  olyman 17:14 06 Oct 2008

A 9hr overnight test revealed zero faults.

There are a variable number of hard faults displayed depending upon what is running. They go into thousands when AntiVir is running which illustrates why I grind to a halt when it is on.

I have been studying the links and have taken some action by eliminating the page file on my primary drive and transferred to my second drive. I may have misunderstood but it will be interesting to see the effect. I was considering increasing my memory from 2Gb which was why I started probing the performance info. Currently I rarely exceed 59% memory usage even when AntiVir is running. It almost as though one bank of memory is doing all the work.

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