Media playback through Windows Vista, please help!

  Cuzer 17:36 20 Jul 2007

I've recently purchased (within the last week) a new PC with Vista Home Premium edition installed. I've had my fair share of issues which has resulted in a couple of reboots, more Vista problems and compatability than anything else
However, I'm now running a system which seems to be working OK however through internet explorer or moxilla firefox whatever browser I chose when I go to watch an online video, whether it be a youtube clip, or a media club from a website, movie, news bulletin etc I get terrible playback. Constant pausing, jumping, stuttering and basically it's totally unviewable. I was onto Microsoft technical help (In india!) themselves today for around 2 hours installing codecs, uninstalling DVD RW software, broadband speed checks, clearing explorer website histories etc and the guy on the phone drew a complete blank and ended up passing it to his senior technical bods who are looking into this. Does anybody have any ideas or suggestions? I am totally at my wits end with this, to my knowledge Java and Flash are both up to date. I've played an out of the box DVD through Windows Media Player and that worked fine, it only seems to be a problem with website videos. If I can get over this problem I can try to move on with setting up my new PC, all help or suggestions greatly appreciated

Many Thanks


  crosstrainer 17:46 20 Jul 2007

Of broadband speeds are you getting, and who is your ISP?

  Cuzer 17:53 20 Jul 2007

I've just ran a test through and I got 270 kbs Download and 240 Upload kbs. Not sure if this is good, bad or indifferent. I'm using AOL 9vr as my provider. I'm using a netgear wireless router which is provided by work for my laptop which is a wireless connection on broadband, I've put an earthnet cable in the back of this to my PC.



  Cuzer 18:28 20 Jul 2007

interesting, I've just ran a speed check on my old machine, running vista with a BT Voyager USB Broadband modem. It's giving me 5110 KBS Download speed with an upload speed of 348 kbs. Considerably quicker than the wireless router with vista. Would I be right in thinking this could be my problem? It was my inital thought all along but you would think Microsoft themselves would have half an idea???

Why so slow through the router? Any ideas? Do you think it has some sort of parameters set on it as it's a router through a work server? I presume I would be better buying a new router, specific for the new PC and seeing if that solves my problem? As always many thanks for your help



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