malware spyware prog for vista?

  martd77 13:12 16 Dec 2008

Im wanting to run a malware\spyware program ,i run avg8 free and after a scan apart from tracking cookies picks up nothing else,ran a full scan using windows defender but nothing there,
What do you recommend that works with vista?
I ask because my browsing has got really slow on a 10mb connection and the isp have advised i run a scan before they come to look at the problem


  mooly 13:51 16 Dec 2008

I use FSecure internet security ( under £20 Amazon ) and find it brilliant.
Slow browsing ? How much RAM have you.
FSecure may have an on line scanner, worth looking at the web site ?

  mooly 13:54 16 Dec 2008
  mooly 13:54 16 Dec 2008

If you try it I would be interested to know if it found anything.

  martd77 14:52 16 Dec 2008

its a long story about slow browsing,since coming off the 20mb internet connection and down to 10mb browsing has been slow in fits and starts,straight after downgrading i couldnt even get on the net,the isp are coming to have a look on sat because the power level is too high and can lead to slow browsing but i was advised to try this solution before they arrive,
I have a 4gb core duo system e4500 running vista and never had any browsing or indeed internet problems until now
ill run the scan and let you know

  DippyGirl 15:12 16 Dec 2008

This click here was posted by Skidzy this week and just about says it all
Have you tested you download speed click here ?

  DippyGirl 15:14 16 Dec 2008

I regularly run the anti-spy progs on VistaHP with no problems

  martd77 15:22 16 Dec 2008

mooly tried f secure just sits for ages on my system "preparing to scan" waited 15mins now

dippy girl
thanks for the list,yes the download speed is 9.3mb consistently

  martd77 16:38 16 Dec 2008

run a scan using super anti spyware came up with 84 low threat cookies

  sunnystaines 17:52 16 Dec 2008

always run ccleaner before running any spyware scanner, it gets rid of the tracking cookies leaving whatever spyware scanner to look for spyware.

on my vista

use spyware blaster for blocking
use spybot S&D to scan each each wednesday after updates.

I have superantispyware and malawarebytes in reserve incase spybot cannot remove or repair.

  mooly 18:15 16 Dec 2008

I can't see how +9meg download speed and your PC can give slow browsing. It sounds more like an ISP problem really, particularly if nothing else has changed.
Pity about FSecure online scanner.

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