Making a system image-I think!

  Pererin 20:45 12 Jul 2010

Hi Everyone,Just had new laptop for my son and tried to make a backup image to an external drive. All went OK and I then made a system repair disc after that, what I cannot understand is that the image took about 26GB of space yet when I went to the folder it seems to be 4KB in size. Have I done something wrong or is the 26GB just not visible. The OS is Windows 7 Home Premium 64 bit.

  gengiscant 15:16 13 Jul 2010

What program did you use for the image?

  gengiscant 15:20 13 Jul 2010

his is a good one and here

  Pererin 19:22 13 Jul 2010

Hi Gang, I used "Create system image" in "Back up or restore" from Windows 7 and as I've never had any experience with W 7 before I am a bit puzzled by the outcome. Tried Easus Todo after and that seemed to work OK, maybe I did something wrong!

  gengiscant 09:16 14 Jul 2010

So,do you have a clone or not?

  Pererin 12:10 14 Jul 2010

HI gengiscant, not sure what you mean by clone, I made an image of the drive and then verified it, so is this what you mean.

  gengiscant 12:29 14 Jul 2010

Yes,image/clone.Good so you are sorted then.

  Pererin 14:35 14 Jul 2010

Yes I hope so, also made a bootable cd which I found out about when reading the help section. Thanks gengiscant I just need to find my way around the rest of W7 now, as it is so different compared to XP Pro.

  Zeppelyn 16:08 14 Jul 2010

Windows Back Up and Restores saves image files as .vhd files and these are are stored on your back up drive in a folder named WindowsImageBackup.

  Pererin 10:12 16 Jul 2010

Yes Zeppelyn I understand what you are saying, but what seems odd is that when I did the backup of 26GB, the external drive showed that amount used but the windows folder only showed 4KB. Surely that cannot be correct, yet when I did the same with Easus the folder used the correct amount of space. I must be doing something wrong when I use Windows own image system.

  Sbrads 09:39 01 Aug 2010

I've given up with Win7's own image backup for a few reasons, mainly no compression and libraries messing up backups, and now I use Acronis True Image Home as it compresses and can do incremental backups. As I remember though, the Win7 image shows the full filesize; HUGE hence now Acronis.

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