Mailmerge to email from database

  hastelloy 13:56 30 Jan 2015

So I opened my big mouth and got myself a (voluntary) job.

I find myself with a database of around 300 members, 40 of whom have email addresses and none of whom have complete data. I therefore need to contact all of them.

Whilst sending a letter to those without email addresses is easy, sending emails to the rest is proving problematic. I keep being told there is no default email address and that I need to download Microsoft Office Outlook. Apart from the cost, I don't want to use Outlook, I need to use web-mail as other committee members will need access from time to time.

I'm using W7 and Office 2007.

Anybody have any ideas please?

  lotvic 23:01 30 Jan 2015

Why not use IMAP email instead of POP3 then all committee members who want access will get up-to-date email folders.

  hastelloy 09:29 31 Jan 2015

Hi lotvic - could you explain in simple terms how to do that please?

I've tried Google for a solution but can't see anything relevant.

I use Windows Live Mail and have 2 hotmail and a gmail addresses. I would like eventually, to create a new email account for the organisation.

  lotvic 17:21 31 Jan 2015

The IMAP was just an idea so that others might be able to view the same folders.

Back to your basic question, doesn't look as if mailmerge will be easy or possible Using MS Word 2007 & WLM 2011 for Mail Merging click here however it does say you can send individual emails (with attachments) from Word using WLM.

  lotvic 17:37 31 Jan 2015

A word of caution, if other committee members are going to be accessing the email occasionally then I would definitely create a separate email address and account for the organisation, you don't want to be giving out your email address and password.

You can do Gmail and mailmerge with Google docs AFAIK

  hastelloy 10:48 01 Feb 2015

Thanks lotvic. Yes, I definitely won't be giving others access to my email.

I'll look into your Gmail/Google docs suggestion as Microsoft don't seem to have the answer without Outlook.

Many thanks for your help.

I'll leave this thread open until I've checked out Google docs an case anybody else has any ideas.

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